The GLOSSY IBIS was last seen on Saturday at Salakea farm where it had been feeding for a few days. Blue-winged Teal had moved from Porth Hellick to Lower Moors on Tues 10th.being seen each day since, much more openly from the ISBG hide or at Shooters Pool Screen than it was when at Porth Hellick. Dusky Warblers were near the dump 9th and then on Harrys Walls on Weds 11th, 12th, 13th and 16th.  A Yellow-browed Warbler was found in Pines at Mount Todden on 12th and two Pink-footed Geese have been in the fields nearby every day. The 1st winter drake Eider remained in St. Mary’s Harbour and two others were in Crow Sound. Two Kingfishers were also seen flying across the Harbour. Two long-tailed Ducks have been seen again in Pentle Bay Tresco Wed 11th – 16th and Brent Geese have also been seen in Pentle Bay ( 1 on 10th, 7 on 11th and 8 on16th). A drake Scaup was off South Beach Tresco on 11th – 13th and the pair were together on 15th with the drake remaining on 16th. The three Spoonbills were still in the Samson/Tresco area with six Purple Sandpipers seen on Green Island near Samson early in the week and again on 13th. Two Black-necked Grebes were between St.Mary’s and St. Martins on 10th with up to ten Great Northern Divers. Up to four Iceland Gulls frequented  the Porth Mellon and Dump areas each day with sightings on St. Agnes and at Deep Point and Black Redstarts were still at Little Porth and Porthcressa. A Long-eared Owl was over Salakee Lane at dusk on 13th and a Black-throated Diver was in the Roads on 15th.

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