In the interests of general harmony, visiting birders should show courtesy and consideration towards island residents, especially when gathering in large numbers. Please read signs and follow their instructions. Permission should be sought before attempting to cross private land. Noise levels and behaviour should be adapted appropriately, particularly in the various graveyards.

The nature trails are very sensitive sites and must be treated with respect. It is essential to keep to the paths, keep noise to a minimum, not to leave litter and to use hides properly.

Access to the Golf Course is restricted to Golf Club members. Birds are to be observed from the following four locations only:

  • the club car park
  • the coastal path between Carn Morval and Halangy
  • the path from Telegraph that looks out by the 2nd green
  • the small entrance off Porthloo Lane just before Bishop View

Under the Air Navigation Act it is illegal to trespass within the Airfield boundaries and there are substantial fines for those who do. The Airfield is liable to be in operation at any time, including Sundays. Birds are to be observed from beyond the clearly marked perimeter. In October there is a roped-off observation area by the windsock to the south of the Airfield – access to this is from the coastal path. It is vital to respect and to obey any warning lights and notices.