The Glossy Ibis first seen over Tresco on the 27th Dec was seen every day mainly in the Lower Moors, Shooters Pool and Sandy Banks area until Thursday where it was last seen opposite the Riding Stables early afternoon. Dusky Warblers and Yellow Browed Warbler in Lower Moors (1st) and the Blue-winged Teal at Porth Hellick were seen most days and the 1st. winter drake Eider was in St. Mary’s Harbour every day. The three Spoonbill were seen every day roosting on Samson and feeding there at low tide. On the 2nd a Little Grebe was still at New Grimsby Tresco and Two long-tailed Ducks and a Black-throated Diver were seen off Pentle Bay also the 2 (male + female) Scaup were off South Beach. The 2nd saw the arrival of a number of Iceland Gulls, firstly on Tresco and since then up to four or five have been seen regularly in the Porthmellon, Dump and Porthlow areas. Black Redstarts were seen at Little Porth, Old Town and Porthlow Bays and Jack Snipes were seen both at Porth Hellick and Lower Moors as was a Kingfisher. Long-eared Owls were in the Porth Hellick area one on the 1st & two on 6th and a Wigeon was at Porth Hellick on 5th & 6th. On 7th the Northern Waterthrush was seen at Lower Moors by the Tin Hut and again on 8th at Shooters Pool. Also on 7th two Pink footed geese flew from Tolls Island towards Bar Point. On the 8th a BT Diver was in the Roads, 2 Scaup were at Tresco South Beach, a GN Diver was Porthcressa & 4 were in the Roads. Eiders were  in the Harbour and Tresco’s Pentle bay.

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