St. Mary’s – Following Friday night’s sighting of a probable Waterthrush from the Lower Moors ISBG hide a few birders were there at first light and got brief views of a presumed *Northern Waterthrush* which then promptly disappeared. Two local birders went into the wood along side Lower Moors to look for the Waterthrush and found a *Black and White Warbler*, subsequently birders looking for the warbler relocated the Northern Waterthrush in the same area. The Waterthrush proved elusive and was seen coming into roost at dusk opposite the ISBG hide. 2 Pectoral Sandpipers were at Lower Moors and the Solitary Sandpiper & the Bee-eater were at Newford Duck Pond. 4 Buff-breasted Sandpipers and 2 Dotterels were on the airfield

St. Agnes – 2 Pectoral Sandpipers.

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