St. Mary’s – Now an impressive 5 Woodchat Shrikes on the island – 2 males at Salakee Down, a male at Deep Point, a female at Mount Todden and a female on the Golf Course. There were still 2 Hoopoes – 1 on the Garrison and 1 at Mount Todden which later moved to Pelistry. Single Grasshopper Warblers were at Newford, Parting Carn and in the Dead Pine Walk on the Garrison. The Purple Heron was in Lower Moors and a male Redstart was at Carn Friars. A very early male Golden Oriole was found near the Cadet Hut on the Garrison. At one time it was in the same tree as the Hoopoe!

Samson – The Spoonbill was still on Green Island.

Tresco – The Bee-eater was still on wires near the church.

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