St. Mary’s – 3 Woodchat Shrikes; a female on the Garrison, a male on on Porth Hellick Down and a female at the top of the track to Mount Todden. A Bee-eater was seen several times around the island. At least 1 Purple Heron was seen at Porth Hellick & Lower Moors and 2 Night Heron were seen at dusk over Porth Hellick Pool.
7 Ring Ouzels were on Porth Hellick Down, 1 was on the Garrison and one was on the airfield. A male Common Redstart was at Carn Friars and a Wood Warbler was by higher Moors pumping station. A Lesser Whitethroat, a Wood Warbler and a Green Sandpiper were in Lower Moors. The Wood Sandpiper was still on Porth Hellick Pool. A female Yellow Wagtail in a sheep field on Peninnis was accompanied by 2 splendid summer plumaged Blue-headed Wagtails and a third individual, which could not definitely be assigned to any subspecies. It superficially resembled a Blue-headed Wagtail but had some white on the throat a shorter supercillium than the other 2 its head was slightly darker and it appeared to half darker lores.

Tresco – 3 Wood Warblers, 4 Ring Ouzels and 3 Pink-footed Geese.

Bryher – 3 Wood Warblers and a Bee-eater, probably the wandering St. Mary’s bird.

Samson – 2 Buzzards displaying.

Green Island – A Spoonbill.

St. Agnes – 3 Ring Ouzels, 3 Grasshopper Warblers, a Wood Warbler, a Hoopoe and a female Woodchat Shrike. It is suspected that the latter bird may be the same as the Garrison bird.

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