RON LEWIS — a dedicated and enthusiastic bird watcher who annually returned to the Isles of Scilly for the past 40 years has died after a brave fight against cancer. Ron LewisThe autumn birdwatch on Scilly was for RON, a not to be missed pilgrimage, always travelling by boat – initially the old Scillonian – so that he began his birdcount on the often rough crossing. In the early days when there were no mobile phones, a daily bird count was held at the Atlantic Hotel or Mermaid and Ron proved to be a fast mover as news of the rarities were announced. He was often on the first boat in the morning to leave St Marys for the relevent other isle.

RON learned his birdwatching skills when he joined the now defunct ‘Redstarts’ at Bath in the 1950s. He was subsequently the bird recorder for the Bath Natural History Society for 26 years. In 1995 he became the first warden of the newly established Bathampton Oxbow Reserve.
He will be missed by his many friends and fellow birdwatchers.



Thanks to Peter James for Ron’s Obituary and to Sarah, best wishes and condolences from all at ISBG.

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