St. Mary’s – The Great Blue Heron was in Old Town Bay until it flew off at 11.00 it was not seen again mid-afternoon when it was in a weedy field at the north end of Holy Vale, before disappearing into the fog at 14:45. There was a possible sighting at 20:23 when what was thought to be the bird was flushed from a tree in Holy Vale. Single Night Herons were seen at Porth Hellick, Lower Moors and Porthcressa. A Wryneck was at Old Town Bay, a Tree Pipit, a Golden Oriole & a Hoopoe were on Peninnis and another Hoopoe was on the Garrison.

St. Agnes – 2 Hoopoes were at Covean.

St. Martin’s – A Hoopoe was at the campsite.


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