Friday’s birds were:

St. Mary’sHoopoe – 2 on the Garrison, 2 on Peninnis, 1 Longstones and 1 Old Town / Lower Moors. Male Common Redstart on the Garrison, 4+ Ring Ouzels on Peninnis, a Bar-tailed Godwit and a White Wagtail on Porthloo beach, a Night Heron and 3+ Jack Snipe at Lower Moors.

St Agnes – a Hoopoe at the Parsonage. No sign of the Night Heron at dusk.

St Martins – a Wryneck at Higher Town.

Saturday’s birds were:

St. Mary’sHoopoe – 1 on the Garrison, 3 on Peninnis, 2 Sandy Lane and 1 Old Town. 2 Ring Ouzels at Porth Hellick. 3 Jack Snipe, 1 Sedge Warbler, 2 Water Rails, 30 Swallows and 1 Night Heron at Lower Moors at dusk. 1 Night Heron flew past Porthloo towards Tresco at 20:37.

St Agnes – 1 Hoopoe at Browarth and 1 at Covean.

Sunday’s birds were:

St. Mary’s – Hoopoe – 1 on the Garrison, 2 Longstones and 1 Mount Todden. The Long-tailed Duck was in the Harbour again. 2 imm Spoonbills flew in off the sea at Porth Hellick and headed off north. A Spotted Redshank visited Porth Hellick Pool for a short while. A Night Heron was seen at Lower Moors am and 2 flew from Lower Moors towards Old Town at 20:35. At about the same time 1 flew over Porthmellon and appeared to land at Porthloo.

St Agnes – 2 Hoopoes at Covean.

Tresco – the Black Duck was seen again on Abbey Pool, together with the Barnacle Goose. The Green-winged Teal was on the Great Pool.


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