Sunday 26th February:

St. Mary’s – The Northern Waterthrush was seen again in Lower Moors, in bushes between the tin hut and the screen at shooters’ Pool, the Blue-winged Teal and the Short-eared Owl were also still at Lower Moors.

Tresco – A Black-throated Diver in partial summer plumage.

Monday 27th February:

St. Mary’s – The only reports were from Lower Moors were there were 2 Jack Snipes, the Short-eared Owl and the Blue-winged Teal.

There were no reports for Tuesday and Wednesday, so Thursday’s birds were:

St. Mary’s – The Blue-winged Teal, a Jack Snipe & a Kingfisher were in Lower Moors, a Lapwing flew over the Health Centre on Peninnis and a second-winter Iceland Gull was on the Municipal Dump.

Very quiet in the past five days. Reports included: On St. Mary’s the Blue-winged Teal, a Jack Snipe and a Kingfisher were seen most days in Lower Moors, a second-winter Iceland Gull was in the Porth Mellon/Dump area and the first-winter drake Eider was in Porth Mellon. A local gave a very good description of 2 Coal Tits on her feeders in the allotments opposite the dump on Sunday. Unfortunately the feeders were empty next day and there was no sign of them, it is hoped they will be relocated as they are very scarce on Scilly.

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