Purpose This DVD is a companion to the article ‘Identification of ‘black-and-white’ storm-petrels of the North dvdcoverAtlantic’ by Robert L. Flood and Bryan Thomas in British Birds 100 July 2007: 407-442. The DVD concentrates on flight behaviour described in the article. It brings the storm-petrel species of concern into the living room facilitating learning about key features of flight behaviour for each species. It offers instructive viewing and good preparation prior to joining a pelagic trip in the Atlantic region. It also makes for pleasurable viewing to anyone with an interest in storm-petrels. No commentary.

Content This DVD comprises a series of clips of all six storm-petrel species taken at sea in the North and South Atlantic, the Antarctic, and off Australia. The DVD has a menu for choice of species to view. Image size of the storm-petrels in the clips varies from close to more distant with flight behaviour prioritised over and above structure and plumage (that are covered comprehensively in the article). The clips are amateur footage taken by ourselves but the quality overall is quite acceptable. Species covered most thoroughly are European, Wilson’s and Madeiran, with reasonable coverage of Black-bellied and White-bellied, whilst footage of Leach’s is the smallest amount in duration but still conveys a feel for the flight characteristics. Duration About 50 minutes.(only £6.99 inc P&P)

To buy send a cheque made out to ‘RRM Consultants’ and send to 14 Ennor Close, Old Town, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0NL.

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