Sunday (03/10)

American Buff-bellied Pipit – 1 at Saint Warna’s Cove, St. Agnes (photo) was the first American passerine on the islands this autumn.

Woodchat Shrike – The subspecies badius “Balearic” Shrike was still on Helvear.

Buff-breasted Sandpiper – 1 still on Shipman Head Down.

Pectoral Sandpiper – 2 on Abbey Pool, Tresco.

Rose-coloured Starling – A juvenile in the Hillside Farm area, Bryher.

Red-backed Shrike – 1 still near St. Martin’s campsite and a “probable” on Airport Lane.

Red-breasted Flycatcher – 1 in the Middle town Pines, St. Martin’s.

Common Rosefinch – 1 still Porth Killier/Browarth, St. Agnes.

Snow Bunting – 1 on Shipman Head Down.

Great Crested Grebe – The juvenile was in Porth Cressa Bay.

Dotterel – 1 still on Castle Down, Tresco (photo).

Spotted Redshank – 1 still on the Great Pool, Tresco (photo).

Turtle Dove – 1 near Holy Vale Vineyard.

Kingfisher – 1 Old Town Bay and 1 on the Great Pool, Tresco.

Pink-footed Goose – 2 on the Great Pool, Tresco and then on Bryher Pool.

Pale-bellied Brent Goose – 2 off Bar Point, 1 on Bryher Pool and 4 in Pentle Bay, Tresco.

Pintail – 1 on the Great Pool, Tresco.

Shoveler – 2 on the Great Pool, Tresco.

Eider – A drake off Skirt Island, Tresco.

Grey Plover – 1 flying around Porth Hellick and 1 Pentle Bay, Tresco.

Bar-tailed Godwit – 3 on Porthloo Beach.

Mediterranean Gull – 4 on Tresco.

Merlin – 1 flew over the hospital.

Raven – 2 on Tresco.

Cetti’s Warbler – 1 calling at Porth Hellick.

Lesser Whitethroat – 1 in the Middle town Pines, St. Martin’s.

Whinchat – 1 in first field east of Old Town Inn and 1 on Tresco.

Redstart –1 on Tresco.

Spotted Flycatcher – 1 Helvear.

(c) Dick Filby
(c) Rick Adison
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