Tuesday’s Birds were:

St. Mary’s – The Rose-coloured Starling was still in the silage field on Green Lane, a Common Swift was over Hugh Town and a Cuckoo was on Porth Hellick Down..

Tresco – 2 Whimbrels, 5 Pochards and a drake Pintail.

Wednesday’s birds were:

St. Mary’s – The Rose-coloured Starling was still on Green Farm and the Red Kite ranged around island before flying to St. Martin’s before returning in the evening. 3 Emperor Dragonflies were at Lower Moors.

Bryher – Another Rose-coloured Starling and a Whimbrel.

Thursday’s birds were:

St. Mary’s – The Red Kite flew from Bryher  and was seen at various sites across St. Mary’s. 6 Common Swifts were over Star Castle and a Hobby was over the Airfield.

Tresco – A drake Pintail and 3 Common Swifts.

Inter-island waters – 200+ Manx Shearwaters were off Annet and 2 Common Terns were near Samson.

At sea -10 European Storm-petrels, 5 Common Terns and a Sunfish were seen on the evening short-range pelagic trip

Friday’s birds were:

St. Mary’s – A Cuckoo and a Spotted Flycatcher were on Porth Hellick down.

Tresco – The Red Kite was seen over the Heliport.

 Bryher – 2 Rose-coloured Starlings were by the pool.

Inter-island waters – A Great Northern Diver was in Crow Sound.

Saturday’s birds were:

St. Mary’s – A Hobby was over Kittydown, a Turtle Dove flew north over Longstone and the Red Kite was seen at various locations, before moving to Tresco.

Bryher – A Rose-coloured Starlings was still by the pool and 3 Common Swifts & a White Wagtail were also seen.

St. Agnes – A Common Cuckoo.

At sea – Local fishermen found a Leatherback Turtle entangled in rope 7 miles north of the islands. It was disentangled and released unharmed.