Fridays Birds were:

St Mary’s – A Kestrel was over Peninnis and a Wheatear was on Porth Hellick Down

Annet – Six Common Terns were on the south end of the island this morning

At Sea – A female Red-footed Falcon was reported as “following a cruise boat for half an hour” today

Awaiting Reports from Saturday

Sundays Birds were:

St. Mary’s – A Jackdaw flew over Longstone, a Common Swift flew over Porth Hellick, a Hobby was seen over Porth Hellick Down, Porth Hellick House & Watermill, and a Rose-coloured Starling was on Green Farm. A Warbler found on Porth Hellick Down went through several incarnations before it was finally identified as a Melodious Warbler.

St. Martin’s – A Bee-eater

Monday’s birds were:

St. Mary’s – The Rose-coloured Starling was still in on Green Lane and the Bee-eater flew high over Sallyport. 2 Cuckoos were at Mount Todden and the Hobby from Gugh flew over the island.

Gugh – 2 Common Swifts and the Bee-eater were overhead and a Hobby flew from St. Agnes, over Gugh and on to St. Mary’s.

At sea – The evenings short-range pelagic trip produced 15+ European Storm-petrels and a Great Skua. An unusually high count of 8 Ocean Sunfish were seen and the first 2 Blue Sharks of the year were caught, tagged and released. One was over 8 feet long and weighed in excess of 140 pounds!