Tuesday’s birds were:

St. Mary’s – There was an influx of Common Swifts with 25+ at Telegraph.

Bryher – A Common Swift and a Lesser Whitethroat.

St. Agnes – A Whimbrel and 3 Common Swifts.

Wednesday’s birds were:

St. Mary’s – A Hobby was over the island and a White Wagtail was at Old Town.

Bryher – The Lesser Whitethroat was still on the island.

Tresco – 3 Common Swifts.

At sea – A Wilson’s Storm-petrel was seen from the Research Vessel “Celtic Explorer” 86 miles SW of St. Agnes, yes, it was in the Scilly recording area!

Thursday’s birds were:

Bryher – There were now 2 Lesser Whitethroats on the island.

Tresco – 2 Pintails.

St. Agnes – A White Wagtail.

Annet – 60+ Manx Shearwaters were offshore

At sea – A Sooty Shearwater and 20+ European Storm-petrels were seen on the evening pelagic trip. Also seen were 6 Common Dolphins, an Ocean Sunfish and 2 Blue Sharks were caught, tagged & released.

There were no reports for Saturday and Sunday. Friday’s birds were:

Teän – 2 Whimbrels.

Inter-island waters – 30 Curlews in The Roads,

Monday’s birds were:

Tresco – A Common Buzzard.

Annet – 160+ Manx Shearwaters and 4 Common Terns were offshore.

At sea – 10+ European Storm-petrels were seen on the evening short-range pelagic trip. Also 6 Blue Sharks were caught, tagged and released. One of the Blue Sharks was accompanied by a Pilot Fish. The Pilot Fish is thought to be the first record in Scillonian waters, unless anyone knows otherwise. The Pilot Fish was still waiting by the boat and re-joined the shark as soon as it was released. It’s great that we didn’t break up such a beautiful friendship!