Highlights from tonights bird log were:

Black Kite – 3 flew over St. Mary’s and then over St. Agnes, before returning to St. Mary’s to roost in Holy Vale
Blyth’s Reed Warbler – 1 on St. Martin’s on the coastal path near the school
Upland Sandpiper – 1 still at Borough Farm, St. Mary’s
American Golden Plover – 1 near the Daymark, St. Martin’s
Lesser Yellowlegs – 1 on St. Mary’s and 1 on the Great Pool Tresco and a flyover.
Northern Waterthrush – Showed on and off at Lower Moors and Higginson’s Pool
Wilson’s Snipe – 1 still on St. Mary’s seen at Lower Moors and Porth Hellick
Red-throated Pipit – 1 on the golf course
Subalpine Warbler – 1 on the Garrison
Radde’s- Warbler – 1 at Salakee Farm
Brent Goose – 1 dark-bellied off Samson
Spoonbill – 1 on Green Island.
Hen Harrier – A ringtail over Teän and Porth Hellick
Great Skua – 1 in St. Mary’s Sound
Turtle Dove – 1 at Nowhere
Short-eared Owl – 1 on Tresco and 1 on Bryher
Wryneck – 5 on St. Mary’s and 1 on Samson
Richard’s Pipit – 1 flew over the airport towards Peninnis and what was assumed to be the same bird was later seen on Annet
Bluethroat – 1 at Porth Hellick/Carn Friars
Black Redstart – 20 on St. Mary’s , 2 on St. Agnes, 3 on Tresco, 5 on Annet, 2 on Samson and 2 on St. Martin’s
Ring Ouzel – 1 on Tresco
Subalpine Warbler – 1 near the play park on the Garrison
Yellow-browed Warbler – 6 on St. Mary’s and 3 on St. Martin’s
Firecrest – 2 at Watermill and 2 in Carreg Dhu Gardens
Red-breasted Flycatcher – 1 near the Star Castle on the Garrison
Red-backed Shrike – 1 still on Tresco
Lapland Bunting – 1 at Borough Farm, St. Mary’s, 1 on St. Agnes and 1 on St. Martin’s

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