Tuesday (30/04)

Bee-eater – 1 heard calling over the airfield.

Short-toed Lark – 1 on Shipman Head Down, Bryher.

Woodchat Shrike – 1 still on the airfield.

Hen Harrier – 1 still around St. Mary’s.

Marsh Harrier – 1 on Bryher.

Great Northern Diver – 4 off Morning Point, Garison, 2 in the Roads, 3 Samson Flats and 1 Pentle Bay, Tresco.

Common Sandpiper – 1 on Porth Arlo (the rocky beach below the Mermaid car park).

Purple Sandpiper – 1 Green Island.

Whimbrel – 5 on St. Mary’s, 7 on Tresco, 15 on St. Agnes and 22 on Bryher

Merlin – A female flew through Maypole and it or another on Pungies Lane.

Grasshopper Warbler – 1 reeling at the Watermill/Pungies Lane junction.

Ring Ouzel – 1 on the Golf Course.

Whinchat – 1 Higher Moors.

Wednesday (01/05)

Short-toed Lark – 1 was still on Shipman Head Down, Bryher.

Montagu’s Harrier – The female flew over Bar Point.

Hen Harrier – 1 flew over Salakee then over Kittydown.

Woodchat Shrike – 1 still on Porth Hellick Down, 1 still on the airfield and 1 on Helvear.

Waxwing – A very late bird was in bushes by the beach below Halangy Down.

Little Egret – 1 flew east over St. Martin’s and 1 on Bryher.

Pintail – 1 still on the flooded cricket pitch on St, Martin’s.

Purple Sandpiper – 10 on Melledgan, Western Rocks.

Whimbrel – 1 Little Porth

Merlin – A female in the pig field along King Edward’s Road, Peninnis and 1 over Holy Vale.

Cuckoo – 1 calling at Borough Farm, Tresco.

Grasshopper Warbler – 1 on the Plains, St. Martin’s.

Ring Ouzel – A female was on the airfield.

Thursday (02/05)

Short-toed Lark – 1 on St. Agnes Cricket pitch, moving into a ploughed field on Browarth.

Montagu’s Harrier – 1 just south of the Abbey Pool, Tresco.

Woodchat Shrike – The male was still at Helvear.

Garganey – A drake on Abbey Pool, Tresco.

Shoveler – A drake on Abbey Pool, Tresco.

Little Egret – 2 on Bryher.

Golden Plover – 2 on the airfield.

Common Sandpiper – 1 at Watermill Cove.

Black-tailed Godwit – 6 on St. Agnes.

Whimbrel – 31 Horse Point, St. Agnes , 5 on Bryher, 2 Porth Hellick Beach and “lots” calling over Hugh Town a2 22:40.

Common Swift – 1 over abbey Pool, Tresco.

Cuckoo – 1 singing in pines above Carreg Dhu Gardens, 1 Salakee and 1 over Little Arthur Farm, St. Martin’s,

Lesser Whitethroat – 1 singing in Salakee pines and another singing from the fields on the other side of the boardwalk behind the Porth Hellick hides.

Grasshopper Warbler – 1 reeling in the garden of Watermill Cottage.

Spotted Flycatcher – 1 Carreg Dhu.

Siskin – 1 flew west over Porth Hellick House.

Friday (03/05)Woodchat Shrike – The male was still at Helvear and 1 still on the airfield near Giant s Castle.

Wood Warbler – ! swinging from a hedge on Pelistry Lane.

Golden Oriole – 1 calling in Porth Hellick House Garden and 1 flew over Normandy Farmhouse towards Lunnon.

Great Northern Diver – 1 in Popplestone Bay, Bryher.

Little Egret – 1 on Bryher Pool.

Golden Plover – 3 on the airfield.

Whimbrel – 11 Bryher and 1 on the airfield.

Whinchat – 1 on the tack from Ennor Close, Old Town to the airfield.

Saturday (04/05)

Night Heron – 1 flew east over Hugh Town,

Nightjar – A female was flushed from the track behind Carreg Dhu and flew towards Longstone.

Woodchat Shrike – 1 on the path from Pelistry to Carn Vean Café.

Turtle Dove – 1 in Popplestone Fields, Bryher.

Golden Plover – 13 on the Golf Course.

Short-eared Owl – 1 on Sipman Head Down, Bryher.

Grasshopper Warbler – 1 reeling 2 fields along the road past Four Lanea and 1 reeling near Borough Farmhouse, St. Mary’s.

Tree Pipit – 1 in fields between Normandy and Lunnon.

Sunday (05/05)

Woodchat Shrike – 1 still on Helvear.

Golden Plover – 3 on Castle Down, Tresco.

Cuckoo – 1 at the road junction with Holy Vale and 1 calling on Samson Hill, Bryher.

Cetti’s Warbler – 1 on Porth Hellick Loop, 1 by the pumping station at Higher Moors and 1 and 1 by the water treatment plant at Standing Stones Field, Lower Moors.

Spotted Flycatcher – 1 on Carreg Dhu Lane.

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