Wednesday (19/10)

Blackburnian Warbler – The first-winter male was still in Popplestone Fields, Bryher.

Pechora Pipit – 1 found in a “rape?” field late afternoon at Content Farm. If accepted this will constituted= only the third record for Scilly after 1 on Tresco 27th & 28th) October 1994 and 1 that was trapped and ringed at Porth Hellick Ringing Station on 24th September 2015.

Wilson’s Snipe – 1 still at Porth Hellick Pool.

American Buff-breasted Pipit – 1 still showing in a field near Carn Vean Tea Rooms.

Red-throated Pipit – 1 flew low SSE over Longstone.

Yellow-browed Warbler – 1still at Newford Duck Pond, 1 in Holy Vale, 1 in the Dump Clump and 1 in a hedge at Pelistry Riding Stables.

Woodlark – 3+ on the St. Mary’s with flyovers reported of between 1 and 3 birds from various locations.

Cory’s Shearwater – 1 in the Roads.

Great Shearwater – 2 off Peninnis Head and 2 seen from the Scillonian III close to the islands.

Sooty Shearwater – 4 off Peninnis Head.

Little Egret – 8 Abbey Pool.

Golden Plover – 2 on the Golf Course.

Lapwing – 1 flew east over Porth Cressa and was then seen around St. Mary’s. 

Whimbrel – 4 Bar Point.

Jack Snipe – 4 Porth Hellick Pool and 1 Lower Moors Pool.

Arctic Skua – 2 off the Garrison and 1 past Carn Near, Tresco.

Kingfisher – 1 Lower Moors, 1 Halangy Point

Turtle Dove – 1 flew northwest over Watermill Lane.

Firecrest – 1 still in Carreg Dhu Gardens and 1 at Salakee. 

Fieldfare – An obvious arrival with 25+ Dead Pine Walk, 50 over the Peninnis Farm Trail and 30+ in the bushes below Buzza.

Redwing – Another arrival with 100+ across St. Mary’s.

Black Redstart – 3 Porthloo Beach. 1 near on rocks on the east side of Old Town Bay, 1 in the playground at the below Buzza, 1 by the airport terminal building, 3 on the path around the Garrison walls, 1 Carn Thomas Carpark, 1 Porth Hellick, 1 by the power station chimney and 2 on the wall of the Scillonian Club.

Skylark – 7 on the west side of Peninnis, 5 in off the sea at Porth Hellick and 2 north over Content.

Lapland Bunting – 1 flew northwest over Content towards the Golf Course.

Snow Bunting – 1 in the Peninnis allotments and it or another flew over the Peninnis Farm Trail.

Reed Bunting –3 in the “rape” field at Content.

Chaffinch – An obvious influx with several flocks of 50+ reported around St. Mary’s.

Siskin – 100+ on St. Mary’s and 3 Abbey Drive, Tresco.

Thursday (20/10)

Blackburnian Warbler – The first-winter male was still in Popplestone Fields, Bryher.

Wilson’s Snipe – 1 still at Porth Hellick Pool.

Pechora Pipit – A “probable” flew over the Garrison towards St. Agnes

American Buff-breasted Pipit – From timings and photographs, it would seem there are now 2 birds, 1 in the Normandy Corner area and 1 at Pelistry Riding Stables (photo).

Little Bunting – 1 flew from the fields on Peninnis towards Lower Moors.

Cory’s Shearwater – 2 of Peninnis Head.

Great Shearwater – 54 off Peninnis Head.

Manx Shearwater – 1 off Peninnis Head.

Sabine’s Gull – 1 past Peninnis and 1 flew over Lower Moors towards Porth Mellon & was later seen in Town Bay.

Wryneck – 1 Porth Killier (photo) and 1 on Gugh.

Yellow-browed Warbler – 2 Newford Duck Pond, 1 Higher Moors pumping station, 1 in Holy Vale, 1 Normandy

Woodlark – 1 in a ploughed field near the “Moos” Normandy, 1 flew over the mustard field at Content and 1 Tresco

Hawfinch – 1 on Lunnon Farm.

Barred Warbler – 1 in fields near Old Town Church and 1 between Longstone & Carreg Dhu.

Osprey – 1 over the Great Pool, Tresco which then did a tour of St. Mary’s before settling in trees back on Tresco.

Marsh Harrier – 1 over Tean.

Pink-footed Goose – 10 Middle Town, St. Martin’s.

Long-tailed Duck – 1 Pentle Bay, Tresco.

Quail – 1 on Lunnon Farm.

Cattle Egret – 1 in a pine tree beside the Great Pool, Tresco.

Spoonbill – 3 on Green Island.

Grey Plover – 1 Porth Hellick Beach

Golden Plover – 2 on the Golf Course.

Lapwing – 2+ touring St. Mary’s.

Bar-tailed Godwit – 1 on Old Town Beach.

Jack Snipe – 1 Lower Moors.

Woodcock – 1 Tremelethen and 1 Trenoweth

Mediterranean Gull – 8 off Innisidgen

Mistle Thrush – 1 flew over the Great Pool, Tresco.

Fieldfare – A huge arrival with 1000s across the islands.

Redwing – A smaller arrival but still 100s across the islands. 

Ring Ouzel – Part of the thrush influx 30+ across the Islands (photo).

Skylark – 2 Green Farm, 5 on the Golf Course, 3 Salakee. 2 over flew over Lunnon Farm and 4 on St. Martin’s.

Black Redstart – At least 30 across the islands.

Common Redstart – 1 in Pendrathen Quarry and 1 Salakee

Cetti’s Warbler – 1 Higher Moors.


Firecrest 1 in the Garrison Campsite Garden, 1+ behind the Garrison tennis court, 2 Carreg Dhu, 1 Tremelethen, 1 Longstone, 1 Newford Duck Pond and 1east of the Great Pool, Tresco

Whinchat – 1 near the solar panels below the airfield, 1 Parting Carn, 1 Porth Hellick and 1 Salakee Down,

Spotted Flycatcher – 1 Rosehill and 2 on St.Martin’s.

Brambling – A few amongst a fall of Chaffinch.

Siskin – 2 over flew over Lunnon Farm and 35 Abbey Woods, Tresco.

Lapland Bunting – 1 flew northeast over the Garrison Campsite and 1 flew over Green Lanetowards Normandy.

Reed Bunting – 2 in the mustard field at Content.

(c) Martin Goodey
(c) Steve Brayshaw
(c) Steve Brayshaw
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