Friday (20/05)

Belated news from Thursday (19/05) a summer-plumage Great Crested Grebe was the eastern end of the Great Pool, Tresco. this is a very rare bird on Scilly.

Rose-coloured Starling – An adult was feeding on flax by Barnacle Rock above Great Bay, St. Martin’s.

Grey-headed Wagtail – A bird found in the horse paddocks on Carn Friars Farm was thought by most observers to be this subspecies (photo). A bird photographed on Bryher also appeared to be a second example of this subspecies.

Wood Warbler – 1 was in Apple Tree Glade, Bryher.

Golden Oriole – 1 singing near Jac-a-Ba.

Turtle Dove – 2 on Bryher.

.Hawfinch – 1 flew from Carn Friars towards the Airfield.

Hobby – 1 flew Old Town towards Peninnis.

Saturday (21/05)

Tawny Pipit – 1 on St. Martin’s Cricket Pitch, which flew off, was thought to be a different bird to the 1 seen on the airfield on Thursday evening.

Rose-coloured Starling – The adult was again moving between the Barnacle Rock area and Great Bay, St. Martin’s.

Grey-headed Wagtail – 1 still in the horse paddock at Carn Friars.

Golden Oriole – 1 singing in Holy Vale.

Black-tailed Godwit – 2 on Simpson’s Field, Tresco.

Hobby – 1 flew over Longstone.

Turtle Dove – 1 in a field on Telegraph Road between the turnings for Old Town Lane and Salakee Farm Lane and 1 on Bryher.

Sunday (22/05)

Tawny Pipit – 1 was back on St. Martin’s Cricket Pitch.

Golden Oriole – 1 heard in trees at the western end of Abbey Drive.

Golden Plover – 1 on Tresco Heliport and 1 on Content Lane.

Wood Sandpiper – 1 on Lower Moors Pool.

Black-tailed Godwit – 2 still on Simpson’s Field, Tresco.

Hobby – 1 flew over The Store at Porth Mellon.

Turtle Dove – 1 in a field on Telegraph Road between the turnings for Old Town Lane and Salakee Farm Lane and 1 on Bryher.

Swift – 2 over Content Lane, 1 flew over Old Town Café and 2 over the Great Pool, Tresco.

Monday (23/05)

Black-headed Bunting – A stunning summer-plumage male was found on Heathy Hill, Bryher before it flew off and was relocated happily feeding on the grassy area north of Rushy Bay (photo). 1 reported on Peninnis in the morning was probably the same bird. This was only the 15th record for Scilly and is the first since a one day bird on 28th May 2012, which was also on Bryher and also a summer-plumage male.

Short-toed Lark – 1 was on Shipman Head Down, Bryher.

Golden Oriole – 1 flew into sallows in the northern corner of Porth Hellick Pool and 1 flew from Carreg Dhu Gardens towards Lower Moors.

Wood Sandpiper – 1 on Porth Hellick Pool.

Whimbrel – On Porthloo Beach.

Mistle Thrush – 1 flew over Porth Hellick towards the airfield and later flew back over the pool towards Kittydown, this is a scarce bird on Scilly.

Cetti’s Warbler – At least 2 at Porth Hellick and 1 in Well Field opposite Porthloo Duck Pond

Tuesday (24/05)

A definite Mediterranean theme today

.Black-headed Bunting – The bird found yesterday was still in the same location on Bryher.

Bee-eater – 3 flew east high over Samson Hill, Bryher heading towards Tresco

Short-toed Lark – 1 was still on Shipman Head Down, Bryher and 1 on the Airfield in the evening.

Honey Buzzard – 1 flew over Pelistry, then over Holy Vale and headed west towards Samson (photo).

Quail – 1 was flushed on Heathy Hill, Bryher.

Golden Oriole – 1 at Porth Hellick.

Wood Sandpiper – 1 still on Porth Hellick Pool (photo).

Black-tailed Godwit – 1 still on Simpson’s Field, Tresco.

Spotted Flycatcher – 1 at Porth Hellick.

(c) Scott Reid
(c) Martin Goodey
(c) Aravind Ramesh
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