Sunday (15/05)

Golden Oriole – A female/1st summer male flew from Porth Hellick Loop, 1 east of Content Lane and probably the same in the pine belt east of the Golf Course, 1 on Green Lane, 1 in trees next to cricket pitch on Tresco and 1 singing in the Parsonage Garden on St. Agnes.

Garganey – The drake was still on Porth Hellick Pool.

Common Sandpiper at – 1 on Old Town Beach.

Swift – 1 flew northeast over Hugh Town.

Turtle Dove – 1 flew from Sandy Banks towards Bay View Terrace.

Cuckoo – 1 on the west side of Peninnis and 1 on the west side of the Airfield.

Skylark – 1 flew over the Garrison.

Tree Pipit – 1 in a garden behind Star Castle.

Whitethroat – 1 on the Airfield.

Garden Warbler – 1 Content Lane.

Firecrest – 1 in Holy Vale.

Spotted Flycatcher – 3 on Garrison, 3 in the Content Lane area, 2 in the pine belt east of the Golf Course, 2 on Green Lane and 1 on St. Agnes

Tree Pipit – 1 in a garden behind Star Castle and 2 in the pine belt east of the Golf Course.

Whinchat – 1 on the Airfield.

Monday (16/05)

Hawfinch – A stunning male was in a garden on Church Road, Hugh Town (photo).

Golden Oriole – 1 heard in the Jac-a-Ba/Innisidgen area, 1 singing occasionally near Tresco Abbey and it or another flew from Old Grimsby to Borough Farm.

Shelduck – 2 broods on Tresco.

Wigeon – A drake on the Great Pool, Tresco.

Shoveler – 1 on the Great Pool and 1 on Abbey Pool, Tresco.

Pochard – 1 with young on Tresco.

Black-tailed Godwit – 2 by the Great Pool, Tresco.

Whimbrel – 2 at Porthloo.

Hobby – 1 over St. Mary’s Golf Course and the over Telegraph.

Swift – 4 over Tresco, 1 over Carn Friars/Porth Hellick Pool, 1 over the junction to Carn Vean Tearooms and 1 over Hugh Town.

Tree Pipit – 1 in Carn Friars Maze Orchard.

Whitethroat – 1 near Content.

Spotted Flycatcher – 1 in the pines east of the junction of Porthloo Lane & Telegraph Road and 1 in the elms opposite St. Nicholas’s Church, Tresco.

White Wagtail – 1 at Old Grimsby, Tresco.

Siskin – 1 flew northeast over the Community Orchard at Trenoweth.

Tuesday (17/05)

Turtle Dove – 1 flushed on Churchtown Farm flew towards Flagstaff Hill, St. Martin’s.

Swift – 2 over Trenoweth Pines and 1 over Pump Lane.

Mistle Thrush – 1 flew over Church Road towards the Garrison, this is an uncommon species on Scilly, especially in the spring.

Wednesday (18/05)

Golden Oriole – 1 in the Jac-a-Ba/Trenoweth area.

Turtle Dove – 1 still in the field at Four Lanes junction.

Great Northern Diver – 1 off Watermill.

Black-tailed Godwit – 1 on Bryher Pool.

Hobby – 1 over Bryher Pool.

Thursday (19/05)

Tawny Pipit – 1 was found on the airfield in the evening, this was the first Scilly record since 2018.

Rose-coloured Starling – An adult was on the airfield.

Golden Oriole – 3 at the Jac-a-Ba.

Turtle Dove – 1 still in the field at Four Lanes junction, 1 at the end of Barnaby Lane, St. Agnes and 2 south of Veronica Farm, Bryher.

Great northern Diver – 15 near Annet.

Manx Shearwater – 400+ near Annet.

Shelduck – 2 broods on Tresco.

Shoveler – 3 drakes on Tresco.

Pochard – At least 1 brood on Tresco.

Black-tailed Godwit – 1 on Simpson’s Field, Tresco.

Swift – 4 displaying Tresco.

(c) Joe Pender
(c) Kris Webb
(c) Kris Webb
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