Sunday (20/03)

Garganey – The drake was still at Porth Hellick.

Spoonbill – 1 on Samson.

Jackdaw – 1 flew over the mouth of Porth Cressa towards St. Agnes.

White Wagtail – 28 Porthloo, 12 in the chicken field at Tremelethen, 12 at Bishop’s View, Porthloo lane and 9 at Salakee with cattle.

Redwing – 12 in the ploughed field at Parting Carn.

Black Redstart – 3 on Porth Cressa Beach, 1 at Parting Carn,1 Porthloo, 2 at Tolman Point, Old Town, 1 on the library roof at Porth Cressa, 1 on Little Porth and 1 in the field opposite the treatment works at the Old town end of Lower Moors, 1 on Tresco and 1 on St. Martin’s.

Brambling – Late news from Saturday (19/03) 30 on St. Agnes, with the 40 on St.Martin’s and those on St. Mary’s it looks like the biggest influx for some years. Today a male at Porth Hellick, 9 in the chicken field at Tremelethen, 1 at Sallyport, 2 in a garden on Jackson’s Hill, Hugh Town, and 6 in a private garden on St. Mary’s (photo).

Reed Bunting – A male and a female were in the reeds at Porth Hellick Pool.

Monday (21/03)

The Black Redstarts Bramblings continued to arrive in numbers and there was also a noticeable increase in Chiffchaffs.

Garganey – The drake was still at Porth Hellick.

Golden Plover – 1 on St. Martin’s.

Sanderling – 100+ on St. Martin’s.

Great Northern Diver – 1 off St. Martin’s.

Jack snipe – 1 flew over Parting Carn.

Raven – 1 on St. Martin’s.

Skylark – 10 on St. Martin’s.

Alba Wagtail – A mixed flock of 40 of White & Pied3 White in the horse field at Rocky Hill road junction and 42 pied on St. Martin’s.

Willow Warbler – The first of the year was one singing in Lower Moors.

Redwing – 8 in the ploughed field at Parting Carn.

Fieldfare – 1 on St. Martin’s.

Wheatear – 3 on St. Martin’s.

Black Redstart – 5 on the rocks below Tregarthen’s Car Park, 2 on Porth Hellick Beach, 1 in the ploughed field at Parting Carn, 6 on Tresco, 2 on Bryher and 18 on St. Martin’s.

Brambling – 12 in a garden on Jackson’s Hill, Hugh Town,11 at Longstone, 6 in the ploughed field at Parting Carn, 11 in the weedy field at the junction of Porthloo Lane and Rocky Hill, 1 at Sallyport, 1 in a Garden on Higher Lanes and 27+ on St. Martin’s.

Reed Bunting – a female in the reeds opposite the Seaward Hide at Porth Hellick Pool.

Tuesday (22/03)

The BramblingsBlack Redstarts and Alba Wagtails continue to arrive in impressive numbers.

Garganey – The drake was still on Porth Hellick Pool.

Pintail – 1 Bryher.

Spoonbill – 1 on Samson.

Great Northern Diver – 1 in Crow Sound and 2 off Bryher.

Purple Sandpiper – 4 on Old Town Quay.

Whimbrel – 1 on Bryher.

Sandwich Tern – 2 in Tresco Channel.

Puffin – The first of the year, an early bird, was off St. Agnes Quay.

Merlin – 1 over Bryher.

Sparrowhawk – 1 Rosehill and 1 Bryher.

Stock Dove – 2 at Parting Carn.

Jackdaw – 2 around St. Mary’s.

Raven – 1 on Bryher.

Skylark – 2 south over Watermill and 8 on Bryher.

Alba Wagtail – 16 White & 5 Pied in the Garrison Paddocks, 1 Pied at Little Porth and 25 White at Porthloo.

Grey Wagtail – 1 at Little Porth.

Swallow – The first of the year were 1 over Porth Hellick Pool and 1 flew through Porthloo.

Redwing –9 at Parting Carn and 12 on Bryher.

Willow Warbler – 1 Bryher.

Siberian Chiffchaff – 2 Little Porth.

Wheatear – 2 on Peninnis, 1 Porthloo, 1 Giant’s Castle and 3 on Bryher.

Black Redstart – 30+ at various locations across St. Mary’s, 25+ on Bryher. 8 on Tresco and 5 on St. Agnes.

Brambling – 130+ on St. Mary’s (including a flock of 100+ at Pelistry Riding Stables), 20+ on Bryher and 12 on St. Agnes.

Reed Bunting – 1 on Bryher and a female was in the reeds at Lower Moors.

Wednesday (23/03)

Bramblings are still in unprecedented numbers for spring and there are also still plenty of Black Redstarts.

Hoopoe – 2 on St. Mary’s, 1 in a garden on Pilot’s Retreat before it flew off and was later seen in the fields on Peninnis and 1 in the Green Farm area before it moved to Pelistry (photo).

Garganey – The drake was still on Porth Hellick Pool.

Slavonian Grebe – 2 off Higher Town Quay, St. Martin’s.

Little Egret – 6 at Porthloo

Purple Sandpiper – 2 on Old Town Quay.

Green Sandpiper – 1 flew low over the Standing Stones Field and appeared to drop into Lower Moors.

Sandwich Tern – 1 on a buoy in Hugh town harbour.

Stock Dove – 2 at Parting Carn.

Cuckoo – The first of the year was 1 on Peninnis early afternoon and it another seen on the airport in the evening. This is second earliest arrival on Scilly, the earliest was one on St. Martin’s on March 21st in 2009.

Jackdaw – 2 still around St. Mary’s.

Skylark – 5 in the fields on the west side of Peninnis.

Swallow – 1 flew north over Lower Moors.

Cetti’s Warbler – 1 calling in Lower Moors and 1 in Higher Moors.

Siberian Chiffchaff – 2 still at Little Porth.

White Wagtail – 3 at Shark’s Pit and 1 at Porthloo.

Wheatear – 1 on Peninnis and 1 at Deep Point

Black Redstart – 2 on Porth Hellick Bank, 12 at Porthloo, 5 at Pelistry Riding Stables, 2 on Peninnis, 12 Rocky Hill 4 between Blue Carn and Porth Hellick, 1 at Porth Minnick, 1 Porth Cressa and 13 on St. Agnes .

Brambling –100+ in the Green Farm/Pelistry area, 12 in a garden on Jackson’s Hill, 18 in a garden on Jackson’s Hill, 21 at Longstone and 1 at Harry’s Walls, 12 Rocky Hill and 7 south of the Blockhouse, Tresco.

(c) Martin Goodey
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