Monday (25/10)

Lesser Scaup –The first-winter bird seen off Gugh had moved to the Great Pool, Tresco.

Spotted Sandpiper – 1 still at Watermill before flying towards Innisidgen.

Red-throated Pipit – 1 circled over Lower Moors calling before flying towards the airfield.

Hoopoe – 1 at Gweal Hill, Bryher.

Hawfinch – 1 at Higher Newford (photo).

Woodlark – 1 again in a field on the Sunnyside Farm Trail and it or another flew over Content.

Little Bunting – 1 on Peninnis Head just few through the gate at the end of King Edward’s Road and it or another seen intermittently in a field on the Sunnyside Farm Trail.

Water Pipit – 2 in the Watermill Cove area.

Red-breasted Flycatcher – 1 still on Sandy Lane, in the glade next to Rosemary Cottage.

Spoonbill – 1 flew over Porth Mellon.

Snow Bunting – 4 at Deep Point (photo), 1 White Island, St. Martin’s.

Spotted Redshank – 1 still on the Great Pool.

Yellow-browed Warbler – 2 on Porth Hellick Loop, 2 in the Watermill Cove area, 1 Lower Moors, 1 Holy Vale and 1 Old Town Churchyard.

Siberian Chiffchaff – 2 Holy Vale, in the garden of the cottage just east of Normandy.

Great Northern Diver – 2 off Watermill.

Whooper Swan – 6 on the Great Pool, Tresco.

Pink-footed Goose – 1 in a field at the entrance to Mount Todden Farm (photo) and 2 on the Great Pool.

Shelduck – 2 on Tresco.

Shoveler – 2 on Tresco.

Pintail – 1 on Tresco.

Pochard – 2 on Tresco.

Eider – The drake was still in Pentle Bay, Tresco.

Lapwing – 1 flew over Telegraph and then over Longstone.

Common Gull – 1 on the Great Pool.

Mediterranean Gull – 4 on Tresco.

Merlin – 1 High Lanes and 1 flew over St. Nicholas’s Church, Tresco.

Kingfisher – 1 Old Town Bay.

Skylark – 9 on Peninnis.-

Ring Ouzel – 1 at Gweal Hill, Bryher, 1 on the south side of the Airfield (photo).

Redwing – Still plenty around, with a flock of 80 on Peninnis.

Black Redstart – 2 Old Town, 2 on a roof at Telegraph, 6 on St. Agnes, 1 at St. Nicholas’s Church, Tresco.

Whinchat – 1 St. Martin’s.

Grey Wagtail – 1 on Peninnis, 1 on the Sunnyside Farm Trail and 1 Tresco.

Brambling – 2 Nowhere, 3 in a field on the Sunnyside Farm Trail, 6 at Content Farm, 1 on Peninnis.

Siskin – Still widespread but in reduced numbers.

(c) Martin Adams
(c) Martin Goodey
(c) Paul Freestone
(c) Martin Goodey
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