Rustic Bunting – 1 on the track to Longstone.

Red-throated Pipit – 1 Castle Down, Tresco.

Pectoral Sandpiper – 1 on the Great Pool, Tresco and 1 Porth Hellick Bay.

Little Bunting – 1 at Higher Town, St. Martin’s and a “probable” flew low over the Garrison.

Serin – 1 at Parting Carn.

Common Rosefinch – 1 at the end of Barnaby Lane, St. Agnes.

Red-breasted Flycatcher – 1 in trees at the St.Agnes end of Gugh Bar and then it or another at Higher Town St. Agnes, 1 still in the Middle Town Pines, St. Martin’s and 1 between the hides on Pool Road, Tresco.

Rose-coloured Starling – 1 still on Bryher at south end of Samson Hill.

Spotted Redshank – 1 on the Great Pool, Tresco.

Jack Snipe – 2 Lower Moors, 4 Porth Hellick, 1 on the Great Pool, Tresco, 1 on Shipman Head Down, Bryher and 1 on St. Agnes.

Snow Bunting – 1 below Woolpack Point, 1 still at Browarth, St. Agnes and 1 near the Daymark, St. Martin’s.

Yellow-browed Warbler – 1 Carn Gwaval, 1 near Shooter’s Pool, Lower Moors and 1 still in Popplestone Fields, Bryher.

Pale-bellied Brent Goose – 1 on Bryher Pool.

Pink-footed Goose – 2 on Bryher Pool and 2 on the Great Pool, Tresco.

Little Egret – 1 St. Agnes.

Shoveler – 2 on the Great Pool, Tresco.

Pochard – 1 on the Great Pool, Tresco

Eider – The drake was still between Tresco and St. Martin’s near Guther’s Island.

Golden Plover – 2 on St. Martin’s.

Whimbrel – 1 at Innisidgen, 3 at Porth Hellick and 1 on St. Martin’s.

Common Gull – 1 on Abbey Pool, Tresco.

Merlin – 1 flew northwest over Longstone and 1 on St. Martin’s

Hobby – 1 on St. Martin’s.

Kingfisher – 1 Lower Moors, 1 Old Town Bay, 1 Toll’s Island and 2 on Porth Hellick Pool.

Raven – 4 on Bryher and 2 on St. Martin’s.

Skylark – 7 on the Airfield and 1 on St.Agnes.

Ring Ouzel – 1 on the coastal path between Newman Pottery and the Steval on the Garrison and what may have been this bird flew over the Garrison Football Pitch, 1 in fields on Carn Friars Farm and 1 behind Old Town Inn.

Redwing – 1 flew over the Cadet Hut.

Mistle Thrush – 1 in the horse fields on the Garrison, 1 flew over Sunnyside and 1 flew over Longstone.

Garden Warbler – 2 on the west side of Peninnis.

Whitethroat – 1 in Standing Stones Field.

Whinchat – 1 Parting Carn and 1 Porth Hellick Down. 

Redstart – 1 on the coastal path between Newman Pottery and the Steval on the Garrison and 1 on St. Agnes.

Black Redstart – 1 Little Porth, 1 by the Lighthouse, 1 Porth Minnick, 2 Porthloo Boatyard, 1 Mount Todden, 1 High Lanes, 1 Pelistry Farm,1 on the Health Centre roof, 1 on Telegraph Tower, 3 just north of Porthloo Beach on a corrugated roof and 1 on St.Nicholas’s Church roof, Tresco.

Spotted Flycatcher – 1 in the horse fields on the Garrison,1 above Anneka’s Quay, Bryher and 2 on St. Martin’s.

Pied Flycatcher – 1 behind the Cadet Hut in the Garrison Pines, 1 behind Newford Duck Pond, and 1 in the horse fields on the Garrison.

Tree Pipit – 1 the area of the Cricket Pitch, St. Martin’s.

White Wagtail – 2 near the bakery on St.Martin’s and 1 St. Agnes 

Grey Wagtail – 1 Carreg Dhu Gardens and 1 Porth Hellick Pool.

Siskin – A flock of 57! at Trenoweth and 2 Porth Hellick.

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