Friday (04/06)

Rose-coloured Starling – 1 at Carn Friars which flew towards Porth Hellick Down

Friday (04/06)

Knot – a summer-plumaged bird was on Green Island, Tresco (photo)

Sunday (06/06)

Rose-coloured Starling – 1again at Carn Friars

Iceland Gull – 1 on St. Mary’s

Monday (07/06)

Rose-coloured Starling – 1 again at Carn Friars

Iceland Gull – A mobile juvenile still on St. Mary’s

Arctic Skua –1 on the evening pelagic trip

European Storm-petrel – 6 on the evening pelagic trip

Tuesday (08/06)

Rose-coloured Starling – 1 at Pelistry Farm and 1 on Bryher

Shelduck – 2 pairs on Tresco, 1 with 1 duckling and the other with 7 ducklings

Pochard – 1 on Tresco with 4 ducklings

Whimbrel – 3 Tresco

Cuckoo– 1 on Tresco

Iceland Gull – The mobile juvenile was still on St. Mary’s

Lesser Redpoll – 1 flew north over High Lanes

Wednesday (09/06)

Black Kite – A kite species that had been around for a couple of days on St. Martin’s

Rose-coloured Starling – 1 in the garden behind Star Castle

Thursday (10/06)

Rose-coloured Starling – 2 on slopes above Little Bay, St. Martin’s

Sabine’s Gull –A first-summer bird on the evening pelagic trip, a very scarce bird in Scillonian waters in June (photo)

Iceland Gull – 1 in the garden behind Star Castle

European Storm-petrel – 35 on the evening pelagic trip

Raven – 2 at the Daymark, St. Martin’s

Friday (11/06)

Thick fog all day!

Saturday (12/06)

Rose-coloured Starling – Still 2 on St. Martin’s, feeding on flax flowers above Wine Cove

Common Scoter – A female off St. Martin’s

Iceland Gull – 1behind the quay in Hugh Town Harbour

Siskin – A pair with 2 young at McFarland’s Down. It would appear they have bred again after an absence of several years.

(c) Joe Pender
(c) Joe Pender
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