Monday (26/04)

Another wonderful day on Scilly with a splendid selection of birds

Rock Thrush – A female type flew in off the sea about 19:00 and landed near the airport turning circle and was was relocated at Blue Carn between Giant’s Castle and Porth Minnick (photo)

Red-footed Falcon – A female in a sheep field between Middle and Higher Town, St. Martin’s

Bee-eater – 1 still in the Carn Friars/Normandy area, it or another over Hugh House on the Garrison

Purple Heron – 1 on the Great Pool, Tresco, then seen heading east over Little Arthur Farm, St. Martin’s and then over Borough Farm, St. Mary’s and then back to Tresco, where it landed in reeds on the Great Pool

Little Bunting – A probable flew over Dolphin Town flew over towards the cricket pitch

Woodchat Shrike– 1 still opposite Dolphin House, Tresco (photo)

Richard’s Pipit – 1 Rushy Bay, Bryher

Serin – 1 on Bryher flew southwest over the boatyard towards Samson Hill

Cattle Egret – 4 still at Dolphin Town, Tresco

Golden Oriole – 2 at Rushy Bay, Bryher

Blue-headed Wagtail – 1 at Porth Hellick, 2 just south of New Grimsby, Tresco, 4 males & 2 female type Simpson’s Field, Tresco

Greylag Goose – 1 at Lower Moors

Turtle Dove – Still 2 in the garden behind Star Castle, 1 flew north over Bryher Church, 1 Borough Farm, Tresco, 2 St. Agnes, 1 Rushy Bay, Bryher

Swift – 1 over the Garrison, 1 over Porth Hellick Bay, 1 St. Martin’s, 1 St. Agnes

Cuckoo – 1 near Bryher Campsite, 1 singing northwest of Longstone, 1 Carn Morval Point, 1 St. Agnes, 1 Dolphin Town, Tresco, 2 Bryher

Great Northern Diver – 1 in the Roads

Marsh Harrier – 1 was been mobbed by a Merlin over Dolphin Town, and the Great Pool, Tresco which later flew towards Bryher and then seen over Samson. From timing of reports a different bird was on St. Mary’s, seen over Higher Moors, Longstone and Lower Moors

Whimbrel –1 Porth Hellick Beach, 2 St. Martin’s

Common Sandpiper – 1 Porth Hellick Pool,  

Iceland Gull – 1 in the Mermaid Carpark, 1 Porthloo, 1 on the Golf course 

Short-eared Owl – 1 Samson

Merlin – 1 mobbing a Marsh Harrier Town, Tresco

Jackdaw – 2 flew over Hugh Town    

Raven – 1 St. Martin’s

Skylark – 1 St. Martin’s

Grasshopper Warbler – 1 at Dolphin Town, Tresco 

Spotted Flycatcher – 1 at Old Grimsby, Tresco, 1 in the pines behind the Garrison pig field

Pied Flycatcher – 1 at Old Grimsby, Tresco, 1 in the pines behind the Garrison pig field, 2 Bryher

Redstart – 1 in the paddocks behind the Garrison Football Pitch, a male at the bottom of Kittydown

Black Redstart – 1 Bryher

Whinchat – 1 at Old Grimsby, Tresco

Yellow Wagtail – 1 Porth Hellick, 2 flew east over the Garrison, 12 just south of New Grimsby, Tresco, 7 males & 4 Field, Tresco

Tree Pipit – 25+ Tresco, 20 Bryher, 10 Samson

Lesser Redpoll – 1 on the Garrison between the Woolpack and the Steval

Siskin – 3 Bryher

(c) Rick Addison
(c) Rick Addison
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