Friday (16/04)

Tawny Pipit – 1 flew north over Popplestone, Bryher

Bee-eater –  1 heard at Lower Moors/Old Town seen in the afternoon in trees along Old Town Lane and in flight over the chicken field at Parting Carn

Hoopoe –  1 at the Vineyard, St. Martin’s flew towards Little Arthur Farm, 1 reported at the Garrison Campsite 

Great White Egret – 1 still on Bryher Pool

Blue-headed Wagtail – 2 with the Yellow Wagtails commuting between Porth Hellick reed bed and a field on Salakee Farm

Shoveler – 3 drakes and a female on Porth Hellick Pool

Pintail – 1 at Stinky Porth, Bryher

Marsh Harrier – A female was at Lower Moors and Porth Hellick. It or another was also seen circling over Tresco

Whimbrel – 1 Popplestone Bay, Bryher

Common Sandpiper – 1 on Porth Hellick Pool

Iceland Gull – 2 juveniles still at Porthloo

Sandwich Tern – 1 Bryher

Common Tern – 3 off Carn Near

Short-eared Owl – 1 Heathy Hill, Bryher

Cetti’s Warbler – 1 singing near the the Wastewater Treatment works at Lower Moors, 1 calling at Porth Hellick

Sedge Warbler – 1 trapped and ringed at Porth Hellick Ringing Station, 1 Lower Moors

Grasshopper Warbler – 1 trapped and ringed at Porth Hellick Ringing Station

Whitethroat – 1 at Popplestone fields, Bryher

Ring Ouzel – 2 by the coastal path on the west side of Peninnis, 2 High Lanes, 2 by the Windsock on the airfield, 1 above Bread and Cheese cove St. Martin’s, a male above Popplestone, Bryher

Redstart – A female at Bryher Campsite

Yellow Wagtail – 4 commuting between the cattle field by the road at Higher Moors and a field on Salakee Farm

Grey Wagtail – A female in Lower Moors

White Wagtail – 2 Bryher 

Tree Pipit – 1 Bryher

Saturday (17/04)

Bee-eater – 1 showing well on and off in the Lunnon/ Normandy/ Carn Friars area (photo)

Shoveler – 4 on Porth Hellick Pool

Great Northern Diver – 1 in the roads

Little Egret – 1 Bryher

Marsh Harrier – 1 Porth Hellick also over Longstone

Whimbrel – 1 Bryher

Common Sandpiper – 1 flew from Lower Moors towards Porth Hellick

Green Sandpiper – 2 flew from Lower Moors towards Porth Hellick

Iceland Gull – 2 Porthloo Beach one also seen in Hugh Town Harbour  and the golf Club carpark

Jackdaw – 1 over Holy Vale  (photo)

Skylark – 1 Chapel Down, St. Martin’s

Cetti’s Warbler – 2 near the water treatment works on Trench Lane

Ring Ouzel – 1 by the windsock on the airfield, 1 by Bryher Pool, 2 Higher Lanes, 1 north east of Higher Town, St. Mary’s

Black Redstart – A male at Little Arthur Farm, St. Martin’s 

White Wagtail – 2 Bryher

(c) Martin Goodey
(c) Martin Goodey
(c) Martin Goodey
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