Wednesday (14/04)

Citrine Wagtail – A male at Stinky Porth and then the big Pool Bryher

Bee-eater –  1 at Porth Hellick (photo)

Great White Egret –  1 still on Bryher (photo)

Hoopoe – 1 flew over Higher Moors pumping station towards Carn Friars

Blue-headed Wagtail – 1 Porth Hellick

Black-throated Diver – A winter-plumage bird of Tolls Hill

Great Northern Diver – 2 Porth Cressa Bay

Marsh Harrier – The female was still at Porth Hellick hunting ducklings also seen at Lower Moors (photo). It roosted at Porth Hellick

Harrier sp – A male Hen/Harrier  flew in off the sea at Normandy Down and headed towards Pelistry but was too far away for specific identification

Whimbrel – 1 Old Town Beach

Bar-tailed Godwit – 1 Porth Hellick Pool, 2 Samson, 2 Tresco Channel

Green Sandpiper – 1 Porth Hellick

Iceland Gull – 1 in the garden behind Star Castle, 1 Porthloo, 1 St. Martin’s 

Rook – 1 at Borough Farm, St. Mary’s

Hooded Crow – 1 on St, Agnes

Cetti’s Warbler – 2 in the Standing Stones Field, Lower Moors, 1 Porth Hellick

Whitethroat –1 at Peninnis Allotments, 2 Bryher, 2 Samson

Ring Ouzel – A male on Normandy Down, a female on the Golf Course, 1 Pungies Lane, 1 Longstone, 1 Airfield, 2 Borough Farm, Tresco, a female on Bryher

Redwing – 1 on Bryher

Pied Flycatcher – A male in Holy Vale

Yellow Wagtail – 3 “flava” over the Garrison, 6 Porth Hellick, 2 St. Martin’s

White Wagtail – 1 over the Garrison, 1 Old Town Beach, 5 Porth Hellick

Tree Pipit – 1 Bryher

Thursday (15/04)

Citrine Wagtail – The male was still on the south side of Bryher Pool (photo)

Bee-eater –  1 around the school/Lower Moors/Old Town area

Great White Egret – 1 still Rushy Bay, Bryher , then on the pool.

Hoopoe – 1 Little Arthur Farm, St. Martin’s, then at the Vineyard (photo)

Wryneck –  1 Watermill

Blue-headed Wagtail – 2 Salakee (photo), 1 Little Arthur Farm, St. Martin’s

Short-eared Owl – 1 on Bryher flew towards Samson

Shoveler –  A pair Porth Hellick

Cuckoo – 1 Trenoweth

Marsh Harrier – A female at Porth Hellick then flew over Maypole towards Watermill. An immature  male on St. Martin’s

Green Sandpiper – 1 Porth Hellick

Common Sandpiper – 1 Porth Hellick

Iceland Gull – 2 Porthloo

Cetti’s Warbler – 2 Porth Hellick, 2 Standing Stones Field, Lower Moors

Sedge Warbler – 1 ringed at Porth Hellick

Reed Warbler – 2 Porth Hellick

Whitethroat – 1 near Peninnis allotments

Ring Ouzel – A male just north of Peninnis Lighthouse. 1 Trenoweth, 1 by the windsock on the airfield, 1 near Higher Town, St. Martin’s (photo), 3 on the east side of Popplestone Bay and 1 west of Samson Hill, Bryher

Redstart – A female at Carn Friars

Black Redstart – 1 Bryher Campsite

Yellow Wagtail – 4 Salakee (photo), 1 Little Arthur Farm and 3 in cattle fields north of Higher Town,  St. Martin’s

Tree Pipit – 1 Peninnis allotments, 1 Standing Stones field

(c) Martin Goodey
(c) Martin Goodey
(c) Wayne Collingham
(c) Wayne Collingham
(c) Gary Brian Prescott
(c) Martin Goodey
(c) Gary Brian Prescott
(c) Martin Goodey
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