Monday (26/10)

Indigo Bunting – The female/immature was still near the Big Pool, St. Agnes

Red-eyed Vireo – 1 still at Lower Town Farm, Tresco

Lesser Yellowlegs – 1 on the Abbey Pool, Tresco   

Glossy Ibis – 1 flew from Salakee fields and landed in a field opposite the airport approach road before flying back to Salakee

Brent Goose  – 4 circling outside harbour entrance

Greylag Goose  – 1 in a field at Four Lanes, appears to be the subspecies rubriostris i.e. Siberian

Russian White-fronted Goose – 2 in a field at Four Lanes

Great Northern Diver – 1 flew over the Garrison, 1 from the boat between St. Mary’s and St. Agnes

Little Egret – 1 Porth Killier, St. Agnes

Buzzard – 1 off Pentle Bay, Tresco

Mediterranean Gull – 2 Porthcressa

Yellow-legged Gull – A 1st-year bird off Morning Point

Kingfisher –  1 on the Porth Cressa side of the Garrison

Great Spotted Woodpecker –1 in Abbey Wood, Tresco

Merlin – A female over Peninnis

Cetti’s Warbler – 1 at Shooters’ Pool, Lower Moors

Yellow-browed Warbler – 6 St. Mary’s  and 6 Tresco 

Lesser Whitethroat – A “probable” Blythi at Old Grimsby, Tresco

Firecrest – 1 on the Porth Cressa side of the Garrison

Mistle Thrush – 1 in fields east of Telegraph

Spotted Flycatcher –1 in the Parsonage Garden, St. Agnes

Nightingale – 1 still in gardens above Little Porth

Snow Bunting – 1 still below Peninnis lighthouse

(c) James Wood
(c) Mick Turton
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