Friday (16/10)

American Buff-bellied Pipit – 1 still at Horse Point, St. Agnes

Siberian Stonechat – 1 on Gugh

Olive- backed Pipit – 1 in an orchard on Carn Friars Lane just past the farm trail

Little  Bunting – 1 feeding on Castle Down, Tresco, 1 Deep Point Quarry

Pallas’s Warbler – 1 on the track above Seven Stones pub, St. Martin’s (photo)

Great White Egret  2 flew over Popplestone Bay heading towards Tresco, then seen later flying  east over Sandy Lane and ending up on the Great Pool, Tresco

There were 4 species of goose on Scilly today!

Brent Goose  – 4 Samson

Greylag Goose  – 1 in a field at Four Lanes, 1 flying from Bryher to Tresco, 1 over Porthloo

Pink-footed Goose – 7 in a field at Four Lanes

White-fronted Goose – 1 albifrons at several sites on St. Mary’s 

Shelduck – 1 Porthloo

Mandarin – The drake of unknown origin flew over Porthloo and landed on the pool in Lower Moors

Spoonbill – 3 Green Island

Little Egret – 1 Old Town Bay, 1 Porthloo

Hen Harrier – 1 over Porthloo towards Telegraph

Lapwing – 1 over Porthloo 

Jack Snipe – 1 Lower Moors, 2 Porth Hellick

Mediterranean Gull – 23 in the Roads/ Tresco Channel, 2 Porthloo

Short-eared Owl – 1 over King Edward’s Road, Peninnis, later flew over Halangy, flew over Hugh Town at Duck

Great Spotted Woodpecker – 1 Sunnyside Trail & Holy Vale

Merlin – 1 Horse Point, St. Agnes (photo) 1 over Watermill, 1 perched at Pelistry, 1 over Longstone

Hobby – 1 Gugh

Red-backed Shrike – 1 still behind Longstone Lodge (photo)

Skylark – 1 King Edward’s Road, Peninnis, 1 in off the sea at Pelistry

Cetti’s Warbler – 1 Porth Hellick

Yellow-browed Warbler –  10 on St. Mary’s, 4 on St. Agnes, 1 on Bryher, 1 on Tresco and 1 on St. Martin’s

Lesser Whitethroat – 1 trapped and ringed at Porth Hellick Ringing Station was thought to be one of the eastern races. Feathers have been retained to send of for DNA identification

Firecrest – 1 Halangy, 1 near Old Town Church, 2 Carreg Dhu Gardens, 1 on the track above Seven Stones pub, St. Martin’s

Ring Ouzel – 1 Peninnis Farm Trail, 1 on the west side of Peninnis, 1 Bar Point, 1 on Gugh

Redwing – an increase from the 15th

Fieldfare – increase from the 15th

Mistle Thrush – 1 in the sunken garden at the junction of Telegraph Road northern end of Porthloo Lane, 1 on the west side of Peninnis

Nightingale – 1 still at Little Porth                                                                                                               

Pied Flycatcher – 1 in the Fruit Cage, St. Agnes, 1 on the track above Seven Stones pub, St. Martin’s

Red-breasted Flycatcher – 1 Peninnis Allotments, 1Carn Gwaval, 1 at the Higher Moors end of Lower Moors, 1 on the track above Seven Stones pub, St. Martin’s (photo)

Black Redstart – 1 between Giant’s Castle & Porth Hellick, 4 Porthloo, 1 St. Warna’s Cove, St. Agnes, 1 St. Agnes Churchyard, 1 Popplestone Brow, Bryher

Redstart – 1 in a field on Salakee Farm

Crossbill – 1 Abbey Drive

Reed Bunting – 1 Gugh

Lapland  Bunting –  1 in the garden of the Golf Farm House

Snow Bunting – 1 still below Peninnis lighthouse

(c) Andy Hall
(c) Andy Hall
(c) Andy Hall
(c) Andy Hall
(c) Steve Brayshaw
(c) Craig Robson
(c) Jason Stannage
(c) Craig Robson
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