Thursday – A Pink-footed Goose was on the Big Pool, St. Agnes, a Hen Harrier was over Porth Hellick Down and the 2 Chough were at Mount Todden.

Friday  – No reports

Saturday –A Great Northern Diver was in Hugh Town Harbour, 300 to 400 Kittiwake were between Mount Todden and the Eastern Isles, the 2 Chough were still at Mount Todden and single Black Redstarts  were at Pelistry & on Porthcressa Beach.

Sunday –A Great Northern Diver was still in Hugh Town Harbour and the 2 Chough were at Deep Point.

Monday  – The Dusky Warbler was seen again in Lower Moors, a Great Northern Diver was off Middle Arthur, Eastern Islands and the 2 Chough were allopreening in the Per Wreck/Normandy/Deep Point area. 

The quarry at Deep Point looks an ideal nesting site and if breeding looks likely the Wildlife Trust will try and manage the habitat by grazing.

Tuesday  – The 2 Chough were still at Deep Point.

Great Northern Diver were in Hugh Town Harbour and a quick scan of Crow sound from MacFarland’s Down produced another 14 Great Northern Diver as well as 11 Common Scoter and an adult Mediterranean Gull

About 100 Sanderling. 10 Chiffchaff and 2 Black Redstart were on Porthloo Beach.

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