Sunday (29/12)

A nice find for a birder visiting Scilly for New Year was the rediscovery of the Dusky Warbler in Lower Moors, last seen on 15/12

6 pale-bellied Brent Geese were off Old Grimsby, Tresco, 3 Great Northern Diver were off the Steval and another was at Porthloo. A Grey Plover was at Rushy Point, Tresco, 6 Whimbrel  were at Pendrethan and sadly a freshly dead Woodcock was found on Porthloo Lane. A Mediterranean Gull was at Morning Point and a female Merlin was at Bant’s Carn.

The Cetti’s Warbler was & a Firecrest were near the Stephen Sussex hide at Porth Hellick and 3 Black Redstart were at Porthloo, with another at Carn Thomas.

Monday (30/12)

The Pink-footed Goose was still near the church on Tresco and a Shoveler, a Wigeon, a drake Pintail, 3 Pochard, a Tufted Duck & a drake Scaup were all on the Great Pool, Tresco. A Common Scoter, was between St. Helen’s and Teän.

Great Northern Diver were off Old Grimsby, Tresco, 7 were off the Blockhouse, Tresco, 1 was in Hugh 1town Harbour and 1 was at Porthloo.

Spoonbill was on Samson, a Whimbrel was near the Blockhouse, Tresco, a Jack Snipe  was at Rowesfield Crossroads, Tresco and a ring-tailed Hen Harrier flew over Porth Hellick. 

The Cetti’s Warbler was still at Porth Hellick and a Black Redstart was on Porthcressa Beach,

Tuesday (31/12)

Wigeon, the drake Pintail, 2 Pochard & the drake Scaup were all still on the Great Pool, Tresco. 

Great Northern Diver and a Black-necked Grebe were in Hugh Town Harbour,

Wednesday (01/01)

On Tresco 6 pale bellied Brent Geese were in Pentle Bay, the Pink-footed Goose was still by the church and the Shoveler, 3 Wigeon, drake Pintail, 4 PochardTufted Duck and drake Scaup were all on the Great Pool. 10 Common Scoter were seen from Skirt Island and a Long-tailed Duck was off Carn Near.

14 Great Northern Diver were between Samson & Carn Near and 3 more were off Lower Town Quay, St. Martin’s.

Slavonian Grebe were off Skirt Island, Tresco and the Black-necked Grebe was still in Hugh Town Harbour. 

Spoonbill was on Green Island, Samson and 2 were on Samson Flats.

The ring-tailed Hen Harrier was again over Porth Hellick, a Common Buzzard was in the Abbey Pool area, Tresco and 2 Mediterranean Gull were east of Tresco.

12 Ringed Plover were on Porth Mellon Beach & 7 were at Porthloo, 45 Turnstone were on Porth Mellon Beach, a Whimbrel was below the desalination plant at Mount Todden, 70+ Sanderling were on Stoney Island, Tresco with another 5 on Porth Mellon and 5 Woodcock were on Pump Lane. 

Razorbill was of Carn Near, Tresco and a Long-eared Owl was chasing Redwing on Pump Lane.

The 2 Chough were on Toll’s Island before moving to Porth Hellick Down and the Giant’s Castle.

Firecrest were at Sunnyside, 1 was at Salakee Farm, 1 was at the Dump Allotments, 1 was in the Standing Stones Field, Lower Moors, 1 was on Sandy Lane and 1 was at Porthloo.

Black Redstart were at Porthloo, 1 was at Little Porth and 1 was at New Grimsby Tresco. Single Grey Wagtail were in Salakee Farm Fields and in the Mermaid Carpark.

Thursday (02/01)

Shoveler, a Wigeon, the drake Pintail and the drake Scaup were all still on the Great Poo, Tresco. A Great Northern Diver was in Hugh Town Harbour and 1 was at Porthloo.

Sparrowhawk Flew over Porthloo and a Merlin & a Black Redstart were on the beach. A Kingfisher was on Porth Hellick Pool.

Friday (03/01)

The 6 Brent Geese & a Whimbrel were at Bar Point.

Wigeon, the Pintail & the Scaup were still on the Great Pool, Tresco.

A Great Northern Diver, 5 Cormorant and 5 Black Redstart were at Porthloo. 2 Water Rail, a Common Snipe and the Cetti’s Warbler were at Porth Hellick.

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