Thursday was a day of quality rather than quantity, the two “megas” living up  to what has seemed to be the norm this autumn i.e. frustratingly fleeting and elusive. The Brown Shrike found yesterday  was only seen by three early birders who were at the Porth Hellick Loop Trail at dawn, they watched fly off towards Carn Friars/Porth Hellick Down and it could not be relocated. Similarly the Rose-breasted Grosbeak which was found mid-morning a few fields away in the Salakee Farm Fields was not seen again after the original sighting. 

Also seen were a ring-tailed Hen Harrier over Porth Hellick, a Woodcock on Carn Friars Farm, a Kingfisher & 2 Swallow at Porth Hellick Pool, a Black Redstart on Porth Hellick Beach and 6 Siskin between Carn Friars & Deep Point with another 5 on Carn Friars Farm, where there were still about 30 Redwing.