A Rose-breasted Grosbeak was found on St. Martin’s and an American Golden Plover flew over Chapel Down, St. Martin’s. A Subalpine Warbler was on St. Agnes and a Richard’s Pipit was in fields behind Salakee Down. The Blue Rock Thrush was still playing hide-and-seek on the Garrison and the White-rumped Sandpiper was still at Toll’s Porth. Both Red-eyed Vireo were still present, 1 at Old Town Churchyard and 1 near the Coastguard Cottages, Tresco. The Blue-winged Teal was still on Porth Hellick Pool and the Green-winged Teal was still on Newford Duckpond. A Little Bunting was at Little Arthur Farm, St. Martin’s and the 2 Short-toed Larks were still present,1 on Pungies Lane and 1 on the Heliport, Tresco. 


The Scaup & the Red-throated Diver were still on the Great Pool, Tresco, a Spoonbill was still on Green Island, Samson, the Spotted Crake was still in Lower Moors, 4 Bar-tailed Godwit were on Green Island, Samson & 4 were at Bar Point, 4 Mediterranean Gull were on Samson & 1 was on Tresco, 2 Great Skua were near Samson, a Turtle Dove was on the Garrison & another was at Sandy Banks, a Wryneck was on Peninnis, single Merlin were seen at Old Town, the Airfield & Tresco, a Hobby was at Telegraph, 3Yellow-browed Warbler were on St. Mary’s, 1 was on St. Martin’s & 1 was on Tresco, 2 Firecrest were in Carreg Dhu Gardens, 1 was in Old Town Churchyard & 1 was on St. Martin’s. 2 Redwing were on the Garrison, 2 were in Old Town & 2 were on St.Martin’s, a Pied Flycatcher was at Porth Hellick & another was on St. Martin’s, a Red-breasted Flycatcher was in Holy Vale, a Redstart was on St. Martin’s, 4 Whinchat were on St. Mary’s.1 was on St. Martin’s & 1 was on St. Agnes, there were still a few Wheatear on the islands, the first Siskin of the month was at Porth Hellick and 2 Lapland Bunting were on the airfield.