The condition of the IOSBG hide in Lower Moors has been deteriorating for several years. Damage caused by last winter’s storms made it almost unusable so the IOSBG decided it was time for major repairs. Lots of the panelling, the door and the roof felt have been replaced. The screening to the left of the hide and along the approach boardwalk have been renewed and the whole structure has been repainted to make it weatherproof. These repairs involved quiet a substantial outlay by the IOSBG and it is only possible to undertake such work with the financial help of Swarovski and members and Friends of the IOSBG. Thank you all for your continuing support.
As can be seen from the attached photos Chris Ridgard has done a sterling job of repairing the hide, it is as good as new.
Well done Chris!new-hide new-hide2

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