A Red-rumped Swallow was trapped and ringed at Porth Hellick on the morning of the 1st and a Woodcock was between Tremelethen and Porth Hellick Loop. A probable Ashy-headed Wagtail caused much debate when it was located in a field behind Porth Hellick Pool and a Blue-headed Wagtail joined it a short time later. A Marsh Harrier was also in the area. Two Hoopoe and a Woodchat Shrike were on St Martins. On the 2nd a Savi’s Warbler was trapped and ringed at Porth Hellick and 7 Golden Plover were on the airfield. Turtle Doves were seen on St Martins and St Mary’s and a female Subalpine Warbler was found by the Stephen Sussex hide at Porth Hellick. A juvenile Yellow Legged Gull was at Watermill on the 3rd and a Hawfinch was at Mount Todden Farm. A Hooded Crow was at Wingletang, St Agnes and a Scandinavian Rock Pipit was at the same location. A Night Heron was seen flying through Porth Hellick late evening. The Hooded Crow Island hopped to St Marys on the 4th where it was found on the golf course. The Night Heron was flushed from the Porth Hellick Loop trail on the 5th and was later feeding in Porth Hellick Bay. A Red-rumped Swallow was on Bryher and a Little Bunting was a good find late in the evening at Trenowarth.

An Osprey toured the Islands on the 6th and a female Ring Ouzel was on Bryher.  A female Subalpine Warbler was at Browarth, St Agnes. The 7th saw a noticable arrival of Golden Orioles with individuals reported at Telegraph, flying over the roads, Porth Hellick, two at Trenoweth and Five on St Martins! A Richards Pipit was on the cricket Pitch on St Agnes on the 8th and a Golden Oriole was at Longstone. A superb Stone Curlew was located at Mount Todden mid-afternoon and a Nightingale was singing on Bryher. A Golden Oriole flew over Porth Mellon and a Serin was heard calling in flight over Trenoweth. A Wood Warbler was on Bryher the following day and a Golden Orioles were on Tresco and St Martins. Another Wood Warbler was at Longstone. A Purple Heron was on St Martins on the 10th and a Yellow-legged Gull was at Peninnis.

On the 11th a Lesser Yellowlegs was found on Great Pool, Bryher and showed well throughout its short stay. It was still present the following day. A Hoopoe was reported on Gugh on the 12th. Woodchat Shrike was on St Martins on the 13th and a Golden Oriole was at Maypole. A stunning summer plumaged Grey Plover was at Porth Killier on the 14th and the Hoopoe was still on Gugh. The Common Buzzard and a Marsh Harrier were on Tresco and a Little Stint was present on Bryher. A Water Pipit in summer plumage graced Porth Hellick and a male Golden Oriole was at Newford. A Wryneck was heard calling near Bar Point. A Red-rumped Swallow was at Old Grimsby, Tresco on the 16th and 6 Turtle Doves were at Borough Farm, Tresco. A huge count of twenty-four Turtle Doves came from Bryher! An Osprey was over St Martins on the 17th and a male Red-footed Falcon was seen on St Martins flying towards Higher Town. The Red-rumped Swallow was found at Higher Moors and a Golden Oriole flew over Porth Hellick. The Purple Heron was reported from St Martins again on the 18th and the Red-footed Falcon made it to St Mary’s being photographed between Carn Vean and Porth Hellick. The following Day it was seen at Giants Castle where it showed extremely well, occasionally down to less than 5 feet!! It remained faithful to that area until the last sighting on the 29th. Elsewhere, an equally rare bird on Scilly, a Tree Sparrow, was in a garden at High Lanes. Golden Orioles were reported at Salakee and Trenoweth. A possible Ring-billed Gull was reported from the Great Pool, Tresco on the 21st and the following day a Glossy Ibis was on the island at Simpsons Field. It was later seen flying over the airfield on St Mary’s and was back on Tresco on the 23rd. A Quail was flushed at Carn Friars. Attention later turned to cetaceans when at least 8 Minke Whales and a Fin Whale were seen associating with large rafts of Manx Shearwaters off Deep Point. The Glossy Ibis was on Porth Hellick on the 24th. A Great Reed Warbler found at Porth Hellick on the 29th was the final highlight of a superb May on Scilly.