A brief look at the highlights of birding on the Islands in 2002.

Oct 6-1
Rustic Bunting St Mary’s;

Oct 2-13
Citrine Wagtail Tresco & St Martin’s;

Oct 11-13
Spotted Sandpiper and Rose-coloured Starling, Barred Warbler St Agnes;

Oct 10-13
Barred Warbler St Mary’s;

Oct 3-13
Ring-necked Duck St Mary’s with second bird from Oct 9;

Oct 10
Corncrake & Red-throated Diver St Mary’s; c.5 Bluethroats several Red-breasted Flycatchers and many Yellow-browed Warblers in the second week of Oct.

Oct 6-7
Richard’s Pipit St Mary’s & St Martin’s;

Oct 4-5
Spoonbill various;

Sep 29-Oct 3
Black-headed or Red-headed Bunting;

early Oct pelagics
100s Great Shearwaters, 10s Sooty Shearwaters, several Grey Phalaropes.

Pectoral Sandpiper (still) & Richard’s Pipit, Tresco;

Sabine’s Gull, Little Gull (2), Great Shearwater (2), Pelagic;

Long-tailed Skua, Pelagic, Rose-coloured Starling, St Mary’s;

Black Kite St Mary’s;

Lanceolated Warbler, Annet;

Ortolan Bunting, Rose-coloured Starling, St Mary’s;

Bluethroat, St Mary’s;

Wryneck, St Mary’s

Sep 16-17
Ortolan bunting (3) St Mary’s;

Sep 14-17
Lapland Bunting (2) Red-backed Shrike St Agnes;

Sep 14
Wryneck St Mary’s;

Sep 11-17
Pectoral Sandpiper, Little Stint Tresco;

Sep 12
Barred Warbler, Bluethroat St Mary’s;

Sep 10-12
Ortolan Bunting St Mary’s

Sep 9
Leach’s Petrel & 80 Great Shearwaters pelagic;

Sep 8
Fea’s Petrel & 47 Great Shearwaters pelagic;

Sep 7-10
Ortolan Bunting St Mary’s;

Sep 6
Little Stint Tresco;

Sep 5
Wilson’s Petrel (latest Scilly record) & 2 Fin Whales breaching pelagic ;

Sep 4
Rose-coloured Starling juv & Icterine Warbler St Mary’s, Sabine’s Gull ad pelagic

Sep 2
Ortolan Bryher, Red-breasted flycatcher St Agnes, Icterine warbler & Mistle thrush St Mary’s, 3 Cory’s & 18 Great shearwaters pelagic;

Sep 1
Ortolan & Red-breasted flycatcher St Agnes, Icterine warbler St Mary’s, 5 Cory’s & 25 Great Shearwaters pelagic

Aug 21-31
up to 10 Crossbills on islands

Aug 30
Wilson’s petrel & 390 Great shearwaters on pelagic

Aug 29
Sabines gull on pelagic

Aug 28-31
White-rumped sandpiper St Agnes

Aug 27
White-rumped Sandpiper St Agnes
Honey Buzzard St Mary’s

Aug 26
Osprey St Martin’s

Aug 25
Wryneck Bryher and St Mary’s
Icterine Warbler St Agnes

Aug 24
Honey Buzzard Bryher
Red-backed-Shrike Tresco
Spotted Redshank Tresco

Aug 23
Wryneck St Mary’s
Red-backed Shrike St Mary’s

Aug 22
Wilson’s Petrel Pelagic
Osprey St Mary’s
Icterine Warbler Bryher

Aug 20
Pectoral Sandpiper St Mary’s
Icterine Warbler Bryher
Woodchat Shrike Bryher

Aug 19
Icterine Warbler, Bryher
Rose-coloured Starling St Mary’s
Pectoral Sandpiper St Mary’s
Melodious Warbler St Mary’s
Icterine Warbler St Agnes

Aug 17
Red-backed shrike St Mary’s

Aug 15
Wilson’s petrel on pelagic

Aug 14
6+ Wilson’s petrels on pelagic, Icterine warbler Bryher

Aug 11
2 Wilson’s petrels on pelagic

August 7th
Wilson’s Petrel, 6 Great Shearwater on pelagic trip;

August 2nd-6th
Red-crested Pochard on Tresco (second Scilly record), Wood Sandpiper St Mary’s;

Aug 5th
4 Great Shearwater on pelagic trip;

Aug 4th
2 Wilson’s Petrels, 5 Great Shearwaters on pelagic trip;

Aug 3rd
Great Shearwater, Leatherbacked Turtle on pelagic trip;

July 30th
8+ Wilson’s Petrels, 10 Great Shearwater, Mediterranean Shearwater on pelagic trip

July 29th
6 Great Shearwaters, 3 Cory’s Shearwaters, Sooty Shearwater

July 28th
2 Wilson’s Petrels, 29 Cory’s Shearwaters, 4 Great Shearwaters, Sooty Shearwater

July 27th
2 Cory’s Shearwaters, 2 Great Shearwaters, Wilson’s Petrel

July 25th
Wilson’s Petrel, 2 Great Shearwaters, Sooty Shearwater

July 24
(2) Wilson’s Petrels (2) Sooty Shearwaters (2) Great Skua

July 23
Mediterranean Gull (second-summer), Rose-coloured Starling St Martin’s (& 24th)

July 22
(2) Wilson’s Petrels

July 20
(2) Wilson’s Petrels, Great Shearwater, Sooty Shearwater, Great Skua

July 17
Sooty Shearwater, Great Skua

July 16
Wilson’s Petrel

July 11
Grey Phalarope, Great Shearwater

July 10
(2) Wilson’s Petrels, Great Shearwater

July 9
Little Grebe St Mary’s

July 8
Wilson’s Petrel

July 6
Rose-coloured Starling St Mary’s

July 5
(3) Wilson’s Petrels, Arctic Tern

June 29
Lesser Redpol St Mary’s

20th June
Cory’s & Sooty Shearwaters on pelagic; Bee-eater, St Martins & Golf Course, St Mary’s; 24 Common Swifts, St Martins

18th June
Balearic Shearwater on pelagic

15th June
Rosy Starling, High Lanes area, to at least 22nd June

8th June
Night Heron, Gt Pool, Tresco

6th June
Wryneck roaming St Mary’s to 14th June

4th June
Iceland Gull 2nd summer, St Mary’s Quay

3rd June
Rosy Starling, St Agnes to 4th June; Sub-alpine Warbler, Bryher, and next day; Red-backed Shrike, male, Tresco

1st June
Icterine Warbler, Rocky Hill; Pied Flycatcher, Tresco; Red-backed Shrike, female, St Agnes

30th May
Short-toed Lark, St Martins & Bryher; Sub-alpine Warbler, St Agnes; Iceland Gull, Hugh Town

27th May
Bee-eater, Gugh; Woodchat, St Agnes to 31st May.

26th May
Spoonbill, Tresco to at least June 10th June

25th May
Green-winged Teal, Porth Hellick until 27th May

26th May
last certain sighting of Lesser Kestrel

24th May
Woodchat Shrikes, 1 Telegraph, 1 Bryher

23rd May
Hawfinch, female on garden feeder in Hugh Town, St Mary’s (to 25th May)

22nd May
Golden Orioles, 2 St Martins, 1 Tresco Spoonbill, Tresco (seen on evening 21st, flying over Hugh Town)

May 17th
Little swift St Mary’s;

May 13th -17th
Lesser kestrel St Mary’s;

May 17th
Woodchat shrike (2 males 1 fem), Quail, Montagu’s harrier, Golden oriole (2);

May 16th
Night heron, Golden oriole (6), Montagu’s harrier (2), Hen harrier, Marsh harrier, Quail, Woodchatshrike (2 males)

May 14th-15th
Lesser kestrel (first summer male) St Mary’s (glimpsed on the 13th) & Hen harrier on St Martin’s;

May 12th
Osprey on St Martin’s;

May 11th
30+ Bottlenosed dolphin & 2 Storm petrel NE of islands

May 6-8
(at least) Richard’s pipit St Martin’s cricket pitch;

May 5
Tawny pipit St Martin’s Middle Town;

May 3-9
(at least) Ring-necked duck (drake) P’Helllick.

May 2
Ring-necked duck (drake) P’Hellick, Garganey (drake) Tresco ( fem) St Mary’s;

May 1
Ring-necked duck (drake) P’Hellick, Garganey (drake) Tresco, Redwing;

April 27-30
Red-rumped swallow Tresco;

April 26-28
Western Subalpine warbler

April 25
Western Subalpine warbler(male) Carn Friars, Red-rumped swallow Tresco

April 24
Sardinian warbler St Martins, Pomarine skua & Little tern (2) from pelagic

April 23
Red-rumped swallow, Bar-tailed godwit (5) & Yellow-legged gull (2x1S)Tresco;

April 22
Sardinian warbler St Martins & Red-rumped swallow Tresco;

April 21
Sardinian Warbler (first-summer male) St Martins, plus Tree Pipit (3) & Magpie;

April 20
American Herring Gull first-summer & Yellow-legged Gull (2) first-summers Tresco;

April 19
American Herring Gull first-summer Bryher;

April 18
Short-eared Owl, Bar-tailed Godwit (2), Ruff & Cuckoo St Mary’s;

April 17
Yellow-legged Gull (2) first-summers& Black-tailed Godwit (2) Tresco

April 16
Short-eared Owl P’Hellick, Magpie Garrison

April 15
Short-eared Owl Porthellick, Osprey Porthellick Yellow-legged Gull first-summer Tresco Black-tailed Godwit (2) Tresco

April 14
Dotterel (2) Airfield Marsh Harrier Porthellick Ring Ousel St Martin’s

April 13
Bullfinch Trenoweth

April 12th
Hoopoe Peninnis; Short-eared Owl Peninnis later on Airport; Bullfinch Trenoweth; Jack Snipe Lower Moors; Black-tailed Godwit one still on Simpson’s Field, one to two have been present since late March.

April 11th
Yellow-legged Gull 1st S Morning Point; Bullfinch Trenoweth; Hoopoe Peninnis; Jack Snipe x2 Lower Moors.

April 10th
Hoopoe at Higher Town St Martin’s; Fieldfare x4 St Martins still; Ring Ouzel x 4 St Martin’s; Short-eared Owl St Martin’s; Bullfinch male Trenoweth; Hoopoe Peninnis.

April 9th
Fieldfare two over Garrison and four on St Martin’s; Ring Ouzel x2 St Martin’s; Redstart x 2 St Martin’s and one on St Agnes; Hoopoe x2 St Martin’s; Tree Pipit St Martin’s.

April 8th
Mediterranean Gull a first summer in Tresco Channel; Hoopoe x2 St Martin’s; Redstart St Martins’; Tree Pipit Tresco; Osprey over Hugh Town at 11.55 and again low over Hugh Town at 19.35. Short-eared Owl onPeninnis and Giants Castle possibly same bird.

April 7th
Hoopoe St Martin’s; Redstart in garden at High Lanes also on 8th; Alpine Swift over Peninnis in afternoon; Common Scoter two east past Peninnis.

April 6th
American Herring Gull at Halangy.

April 5th
Hoopoe x2 St Martin’s; Puffin 12 Annet.

April 4th
Alpine Swift over Great Pool Tresco; Whimbrel Green Island near Samson; Lesser Redpoll Old Town Church, also Brambling in same area; Hoopoe x2 one at Middle Town and one near Daymark St Martins; Hoopoe Borough Farm Tresco.

April 3rd
Alpine Swift Porth Hellick Down; Ring Ouzel flew from St Agnes towards Gugh; Hoopoe St Martin’s; Redstart St Agnes.

April 2nd
Bullfinch Higher Moors; Hoopoe St Martin’s; Little Egret 12 in Tresco Channel, one to four have been noted daily.

April 1st
Sardinian WarblerSt Agnes; Alpine Swift Porth Hellick Down and on St Martin’s; Corn Bunting Porth Hellick Down; Short-eared Owl Giant’s
Castle; Pintail Porth Hellick which stayed until 14th; Ruff Porth Hellick another long stayer; Green Sandpiper Porth Hellick; American Herring Gull over Great Pool Tresco; Yellow-legged Gull a 3rd summer bird seen at Deep Point.

25th & 26th March
Alpine Swift & Pallid Swift, Bryher. Little Bunting, Carn Friars

24th March
2 Striped Hawk Moths, St Agnes

23rd March
Alpine Swift, Tresco. Hoopoe & Hawfinch, St Martins

22nd March
Little Bustard, St Agnes, and then flew towards Annet, Hawfinch, St Martins. Ring Ouzel, male, Giants Castle

21st March
Striped Hawk moth, Longstones, 4 Firecrest & Siberian Chiffchaff, Porth Hellick

March 19
Black-tailed Godwit (6) Tresco, Bar-tailed Godwit Tresco

March 17
Willow Warbler St Mary’s

March 15
Black-tailed Godwit (5) St Mary’s, Sandwich Tern (2) The Roads, Ring Ousel St Martin’s

March 13
Ring ousel St Martin’s, Mistle Thrush St Martins

March 11
Puffin St Agnes

10th March
Long-eared Owl, Lower Moors.

9th March
Am. Wigeon & Am. Herring Gull still on Tresco, along with Rook & Siskin.

8th March
3 Little Auk passed Giants Castle.

7th March
Woodlark, Carn Friars, Little Gull Peninnis, Cetti’s Lower Moors, White Wagtail, Porthcressa, Firecrest, Porthellick

5th March
Cetti’s Warbler singing on Lower Moors Loop, American Wigeon & Rook on Tresco.

4th March
10 Gt Northern Diver, 1 Black throated Diver, 5 Slav. Grebes and 1 Velvet Scoter off Eastern Isles.

3rd March
5 Slavonian Grebes and 1 Velvet Scoter off Innisidgen

2nd March
Firecrest & Rook, Porth Hellick

27th Feb
Iceland Gull, 1st winter, Porthlow and still present 28th.

26th Feb
Little Gull, 1st winter, watched from Bar Point, in the Roads and seen on 27th

25th Feb
American Wigeon, Tresco. Velvet Scoter seen nr. Eastern Isles

24th Feb
Firecrest, Tresco

22nd Feb
150 Razorbill off Giant’s Castle between 0815 & 1000
Harbour Porpoise off Giant’s Castle

21st Feb
160 Sanderling, 120 Ringed Plover, 18 Teal, 2 Shoveler, 3 Wigeon, 2 Tufted Duck and a Gt Northern Diver all on Tresco.

20th Feb
Cetti’s Warbler seen again on Lower Moors
Woodcock on the Garrison along with 16 Golden Plover
3 Gt Northern Divers off Innisidgen

19th Feb
Jack Snipe and Merlin at Porth Hellick
Cetti’s Warbler seen again on Lower Moors
16 Golden Plover on the Garrison

18th Feb
Cetti’s Warbler heard singing on Porth Hellick Loop and later at
the Tin Hut, Higher Moors.

17th Feb
American Herring Gull on Abbey Pool Tresco. Also Lesser Black Backs
returning in numbers.

16th Feb
20 Purple Sandpipers around Garrison

15th Feb
5 Gt Northern Divers and 1 Black-throated Diver off Innisidgen

14th Feb
2 Long Eared Owls on Tresco roost. Also on Tresco 20 Grey Plover, circa 160 Sanderling and 3 Great Northern Divers.

13th Feb
20 Golden Plover at Telegraph with 2 Lapwing

8th Feb
American Herring Gull seen on St Mary’s Airport and Iceland Gull there later.

7th Feb
Balearic Shearwater past Peninnis.

6th Feb
American Herring Gull on Tresco, Abbey Pool different from the earlier bird Also on Tresco circa 220 Sanderling, 150 Ringed Plover, 10 Dunlin and 80 Oystercatcher with a Long-Eared Owl at the roost site. 2 Great Northern divers, 5 Common Scoter and a Littler Auk in the Roads

5th Feb
Balearic Shearwater passed Giants Castle Reed Bunting on St Agnes Little Auk in St Mary’s Sound

4th Feb
Grey Phalarope off Garrison. American Herring Gull, flew in from Pentle Bay to Great Pool, Tresco

3rd Feb
Jack Snipe & Chiffchaff at Porth Hellick

2nd Feb
1 Leach’s Petrel & 1 Little Auk passed Giants Castle at mid-day.
8 Gt Northern Divers off Innisidgen.
900 Kittiwakes in 1 hr off Peninnis early a.m.

1st Feb
1 Black Throated Diver off Innisidgen.

31st Jan
A probable American Herring Gull seen from Innisidgen.

28th Jan
Leach’s Petrel at Quay, Med Shear, Harbour Porpoise & Bonxie off Giants Castle
3 Woodcock Lower Moors

27th Jan
2 Striped Dolphin off Giants Castle

26th Jan
1 Little Auk passed Peninnis at 09:20. At Giants Castle 560
Kittiwakes between 0800 & 1000 with only 1 in 30 being immature. Also 74
Gannet , again only 3-4 immature, and 22 Razorbill. All birds heading West
into Force 7-8 winds.
3 Great Northern Divers at Innisidgen

25th Jan
Giants Castle, 105 Razorbills & 15 Guillemots all heading west.

Jan 24th
Firecrest at Porthellick

Jan 23rd
Grey Plover & 3 Gt Northern Divers at Bar Point

Jan 22nd
3 Little Auks past Peninnis.
Skua in care was released today and flew off strongly. A fuller report on
this bird and what is happening about DNA tests will be posted shortly.

Jan 21st -Strong SW winds.
300+ Gannets, 200+ Kittiwakes, 600+ Auks (mainly Razorbills) & 1 Fulmar
between 0800:1145 all West past Peninnis.
11 Purple Sandpipers at the Quay.

Jan 20th
1 Manx Shear past Peninnis.

Jan 16th
1st winter Ring-billed Gull at Porth Loo
Velvet Scoter around Bar Point
7 Great Northern Divers at Innisidgen
3 Slav Grebes at Innisidgen
Velvet Scoter in the Roads, female type
Firecrest on St Martins

Jan 13th
Dartford Warbler still at Porthcressa
2 Firecrest Lower Moors
Blackcap, male & female, Lower Moors

Jan 11th
Magpie on St Martins
70 Sanderling on St Martins

Jan 10th
22 Gt Northern Diver off Water Mill
2 Great Crested Grebes off Watermill towards Eastern isles
Black-throated Diver off Innisidgen
6 Slav Grebes off Innisidgen
Velvet Scoter still around, off Bar Point
Dartford Warbler at Porthcressa still

Jan 9th
6 Gt Northern Diver on Tresco
3 Greenland White Fronted Geese on Tresco

Jan 8th
Short-eared Owl on Samson

Jan 7th
Tristis Chiffchaff at Higher Moors and Trench Lane along with around 20
common Chiffchaffs on the islands

Jan 6th
Velvet Scoter near Blockhouse on Tresco with 3 Common Scoter

Jan 4th
Ring-billed Gull, 1 st winter at Rubbish Dump
Dartford Warbler near playground at Porthcressa beach

Jan 3rd
2 Firecrest at Porthellick
39 Lapwing at Telegraph
7 Purple Sandpipers at the Quay

Jan 2nd
Jack Snipe at Porthellick

Jan 1st
Both Tristis & Abietinus Chiffchaff present on Higher Moors along with 2
Chiffchaff and a Firecrest.
19 Golden Plover at Telegraph along with 17 Lapwing and a further 6 Lapwing
on Tresco


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