We’ve asked some Scilly Birders (locals and visitors) to share their favourite birding location on the islands and what makes it so special. We’d love to hear yours, too – just drop us a note if you’d like to contribute!

Lower Moors, from Rosehill to Old Town
By Martyn Smith
This is probably the most traversed walk on St. Mary’s. A place that looks like dreams can happen – and boy are they achieved. October normally sees me holidaying on these fabled isles, and I’ll walk from both ends of this pathway numerous times. The moment you walk through the gate you walk into a magical scene of thick thorn and willow scrub. The overhanging trees festooned with lichens and algae; these make for a perfect environ for the many birds encountered. If you’re lucky the trees can seem alive with the tsips and tics and tacs of birds passing through. You may hear and glimpse the fabulously frantic yellow-browed Warbler, which in my opinion is the herald of autumn birding, and the equally enigmatic firecrest. The path is full of little streams and damp watery areas where anything could forage. The hides hold many good species, screens beckon you to peer through just in case. I remember ‘day twitching’ Scilly in 2011 for the magical and mythical black and white warbler, so dreams are realised on this pathway. If you do become a bit tired and need refreshment, well Old Town Cafe is at the other end, after passing through more fabulous habitat.