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Lapwings Slaughtered in France

There is a video doing the rounds on You tube that shows the slaughter of hundreds of Lapwing in France .If you want to see it go to:

or just put lapwing slaughter into You Tube.

It is so disturbing that we would hope that you could ask as many people to E-mail Commissioner Stavros Dimas at the European Commission to ask him to enforce existing legislation to stop it – if you have blogs/websites, please consider highlighting the slaughter as the more people that oppose it then there is more chance of getting it stopped!.

Gull Selection

Here are a few images of some of the Gulls presently on St Mary’s. Kumliens, Glaucous (2+) and Iceland Gulls (2+) all on the Dump or Porthloo areas over the past week. All images kindly submitted by Joe Pender.

Photos copyright of J.Pender and ISBG Website (C) 2009.

Madeiran Storm-petrel off Scilly 28 July 2007

Bob Flood

6.55 pm: on board MV Sapphire with skipper by Joe Pender about 7 miles south-east of Scilly

Another European Storm-petrel appeared over a wave heading in our direction with its characteristic short wings, slightly bowed, batting towards us. I kept scanning in search of a Wilson’s that our visiting birders were after, expecting soon to see its distinctive head-on profile with medium-length and flattened wings, flying towards us with a hirundine-quality. What in fact I did see was a long-winged storm-petrel and my heart missed a beat. I shouted to everyone to get on this storm-petrel! Continue reading


Birders on Scilly in October 2006 may well remember the much discussed warbler at Green Farm, St. Mary’s. Many people believed to be a Syke’s Warbler. It was eventually trapped and biometrics showed it to be a Booted. Even so some people still doubted the identification, supposing the measurements were mistaken. Fortunately when the measurements were taken the bird shed a few feathers, these were kept and sent for DNA analysis. The results received from Urban Olsson confirm that the bird was indeed a Booted Warbler. The BBRC panel had voted 10:0 in favour of Booted on the basis of their ID criteria paper, although many saw why Syke’s had been suggested, especially on the long-billed look it gave.